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Dark Knight Armor Quest Soft Lock

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Nessie+Ruairi, Nao

Because I play Mabinogi in spurts and tent to leave it alone for sometimes months at a time, I have no idea when this began. It was only noticeable when I began clearing out quests I needed to do.

I must have skipped G3, and by proxy the Protection Charm quest, therefore I did not receive the Teardrop of the Spirit keyword. While I read that shouldn't matter, Kristell will give it to me anyways, I made myself a spirit weapon and upon reaching her, Kristell refused to give me the keyword as well. Now I cannot complete this quest, which while it isn't urgent, it effects the drops of the succubus in Rabbie so I'm not sure if I can complete the quest for Thunder (black succubus drops one of the pages, but now I fear she only will drop Priest's Black Medal and nothing more), and of course holding dark knight armor brings up extra dialogue when speaking to NPCs.


this is the problem quest.

muy anti-cool


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    Wait, what's the problem?
    You don't have the keyword to get a teardrop from your spirit weapon?

    The teardrop is tradeable, so you could try asking someone else with a spirit weapon for a teardrop and see if Kristell will take it.