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Kokopo pet

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edited November 24, 2019 in Help
Hey! Isn't the Kokopo supposed to have a dancing animation? I've been sitting around with friends for like 15 minutes waiting for it to dance but it won't.
When I first got it, it would do it just about every time I summoned it in but now it hardly ever does it.
Plus the wiki says that it dances to music but I can't seem to get it to dance to any music I play, so something tells me the wiki is just plain wrong.
I've even tried saying Dance! multiple times but it still doesn't! I've tried some more commands on the wiki but they don't work either.
I'm really confused and need some help.

NVM. A friend messaged a friend and apparently you need to hotkey a pets adorable act and spam the key for it to actually do it.

Now why isn't there a chat command for it to do that? Or at least let us make interactions for collab pets/partners smh


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    There is a chat command to make a pet do its adorable action, but just like the hotkey, a pet doesn't actually do its adorable action every time you tell it to.

    The chat command is "Cute!", but just stick to doing the hotkey, since you'll likely have to do it a few times to get it to activate.