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Pho Real Store (Buying / Selling / Trades)

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in Nao Marketplace
The name got nothing to do with anything though!

Hello and welcome to my humble store. Here I will be selling / buying most of the items.
Do check my stores in Dunbarton as I will be sometimes sell some of the item at 50% cut! (cuz I want them to gone real fast, my inventory almost full lmao)

The rules, of course!
I can accept your price! But please don't be such an ahole!
No price is final, you may offer a lower price if you want. Trade offers are acceptable if you trade item with the same value as the item!
For purchase / offers

Game : Oxyuure
Discord : Amie (다니엘)#6013

For M
Straight Medium Cut Hair Beauty

Cute Blush Face (Human, Partner)

For F
Millia Hair Beauty
Cessair's Heart Hair Beauty
Short Wavy Perm Hair Beauty

Serena Face Beauty
Somber Face Beauty
Mooney Cheeked Face Beauty (Giant/Elf/Human, Partner)

For M
Striped Swimsuit
Brilluen Tail Suit
Christmas Coat (Shoes, Body, Hand)

For F

Traditional Korean Outfits (Quantity : 2)
Cleric's Patterned Greaves (Shoes)

Fuzzy Rudolph Hat

Scared Light Wig and Hat (M)
Scared Light Wig (M)

Training Potion
Combo Mastery Training
Combo Drop Kick Training
Combo Pummel Training

Beauty Coupon Transformation
Eyes (Quantity : 2)
Mouth (Quantity : 2)

Less Lonely Prison
Halloween Brielle's Bed

Instrument Spray Paint (Quantity : 3)