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Bricolage; A New Active Guild!

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Are you looking to/for help? Do you wanna socialize with new and exciting people? Or would you like to be part of a guild, but keep to yourself till an event shows up? Then consider joining Bricolage!

We already have plans for many players interests:
>PvP & Arena for the fighters!
>Dungeons, Shadow missions, and Girg Raids For the grinders!
>Banquets! for the socialites (and people trying to look cool, yes, I see you back there.)

Requests for guild events, along with critique and suggestions, will always be heard from the leader and the officer. We appreciate and value your input, and will gladly listen to whatever it is that is on someone's minds.

If interested in joining the guild, add/note Mapelthena and/or Miromalu, or find our guild stone near the Tara Stonehenge!