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Many enchants don't seem to work on newer items

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I attempted to entrust an Oblivion enchant on my enchantable wings, only to find that "any" doesn't include enchantable wings. I then tried popping the enchant on my forest ranger wig, forest ranger outfit, forest ranger boots, and forest ranger gloves -- none of them worked. I then used the Enchant skill personally to see what I could put it on and a pathetically small list of items popped up considering how much I have in my equipment bags. I couldn't put it on Talvish or Avelin armor, chain blades, or shurikens. Only swords, control bars, and Yui (not even my non-Yui accessories)

Unable to put Oblivion on anything I wanted I sold the enchant scroll and tried another enchant. This time I tried to use the Extraordinary enchant, which says it can go on "clothing or armor". Once again: it wouldn't go on the forest ranger outfit. In fact, when I tried to use the Enchant skill this time it said "no valid item exists"!

My friend who was entrusting the enchants said he had similar luck. He had multiple enchants he wasn't able to put on any of his gear


  • LoraLora
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    Hey! I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble enchanting a lot of newer items. A few things I want to note are first, wings and tails have their own set of enchants and can't be enchanted with normal enchants. Some items in the game only have certain enchants that will work on them. Also you have to pay attention to the rank of an enchant, anything over r9 may require you to already have an enchant on the item of at least the previous rank or stronger. Oblivion requires an enchant of rA to already be on the item before you'll be able to use it. Now some enchants have the luxury of not having this and will state so on the enchant. "Enchantable regardless of rank" I believe is the words they use.

    I hope this clears things up!
  • DerringerDerringer
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    I knew that for an r8 enchant you had to have an r9 already, but didn't realize for an r9 you needed an rA. I just looked and Extraordinary is also an r9 enchant -- so that would explain why I couldn't put it on my ranger outfit

    I'll find an rA enchant and give it a try, but I think that explains it