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Elven Ranged Attack

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edited January 12 in Bugs and Glitches
There's still a bug with it that causes you to get stuck in the animation when trying to fire, try as hard as you might but you can't fire.

--To Replicate--
1. Have an elf with high Aim Speed
2. Attack an enemy, the first shot will always fire correctly.
3. Attack them again but don't do it immediately, firing immediately after the skill loads will not only cause you to miss but won't replicate the bug.
4. Wait until the elf starts pulling back their bow, no matter how hard you try you cannot fire after this animation occur's, there is an Audio que for it, the sound of the Bow String
being Drawn. Once that sound occur's, you can't fire.
5. Probably get killed by whatever you initially shot at.

This is really annoying, i'm not exactly sure about the why but what's the point of Archery as an Elf if you can't use it in the way it's intended?