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The Underrated Issue on Mabinogi : By Nonskiller

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The Underrated Issue on Mabinogi, by Nonskiller.

Firstly, let me just say, I am glad that the Word Limit is no longer 10,000 (in fact it's 90,000) words. As if you remember from the previous forums in 2014, the issue and rant I made about the Forums was the fact that the maximum count was 10,000 words. Moderators would delete and lock my posts because I made multiple threads. Then I demonstrated why we need "Single Post Threads with no limits" I got permanently banned for doing so. Eventually, the limitation of how much you can type was removed but at what price? Me getting banned for wanting and being a huge supporter of Mabinogi since 2011 (2010, I don't remember). Anyway. As I was saying. This isn't about me being banned, or being censored for anything. When you look back to what I posted, I wanted to create a fun Dice Game where players can play and we can create stats like it's some kind of RPG game which I tried to do on the forums as a storage place so I can play with other players in this RPG-Dice Game I tried to construct in 2014. However, moderators locked it, but I digress, I tried explaining this issue but nobody understood. Then I got banned for trying to prove a point. Alright, again, I am digressing and I apologize; but I will say this, I was banned for no apparent reason except for pointing out the issues about the forums (and if someone was relating me to anyone during this time, I was 100% uninvolved with them, independent and free).

When I was kicked out of the [Skilled] Guild back in 2014 after I was banned from the Forums (The Guild Leader of Skilled Guild was quitting the game anyway), I went on and grabbed all the members of the Skilled Guild to create the Nonskilled Guild. And for a year, I stayed up at midnight doing those Free NX Surveys just to keep my Guild Stone up every single day. There was one time, I made 10k nx just by doing these Surveys and Videos; which allowed me to take rest from putting too much effort in maintaining the Guild. Eventually, I hosted my own guild events; good amount of prizes for the guildies. Tries to invite other people too, it wasn't much but it was from my own pocket. It's sad to say, this game had aggressive players from 2011 till 2016 to where people began to just chill and become restful as they usually are to be.

Course I quit the game by 2015 or something, so I wouldn't know if the game got toxic or anything. But when the Nonskilled Guild ruled from 2014 to 2016, I felt that peace was something that truly existed in the Server of Alexina. There were little to no conflicts, Channel 3 was under the rule of the Nonskilled Guild and many would know that we were the rulers. It was however till an uneventful time, I said to myself, "You know, how can I save more gas in this economy in the United States of America of California? Oh! I know, how about we quit mabinogi!" Funny enough I did a Giveaway with prizes 100-200 dollars worth to many guildies with games and giving them prizes which eventually went on to help them for the better. Ironically, I spent my money.. when the point was I was trying to save money. But regardless of this, I left and quit the game. Many cried, and I made my speeches and left the game. It was a sad event indeed, we all cried yes. But again, I am digressing. This isn't the story about me. No, this is the story about the toxicity in the playerbase in my honest opinion.

Toxicity exists within the player-base of Mabinogi. Though it has thinned out over the years and things have been calmer and less hectic, people just kept their cool and kept non-toxic in Channel 3, as it was based upon my rule of that Channel that there was much peace in the land even after my leave. However, this did not mean the other channels were purified of toxicity (nor do I know if any existed, one can just assume it exists). When it comes to the toxicity of players, there is a hypocrisy to players. I will not get into the psychology of why they act this way, but I will say this in the most simplistic terms. When a kid doesn't like something, they will complain, or even make up the idea that someone is "So-and-So" when in reality they're not. This is something that can be seen in the real world unfortunately, it's kind of sad to be honest, but imagine, if you are the underdog, or someone who just likes to live the Mabi Life the normal way, away from trolls, toxic players, and other means who wish to derail or bring destruction to our glorious Mabinogi. In a sense, if there is more than one kid who thinks this way, other kids will start to think this way because they believe this is the way things should be.

In my own reality, I feel that people should just get along, if they argue, they argue, if they fight they fight; there's probably a difference between age demographics, economical niche demographics, or even a Society-Based Demographic which causes these issues to erupt. However, when you look at the demographic of Mabinogi, this shouldn't be the case. However, there is a problem with the people of Mabinogi surely. There is a Society-Age Conflict that is happening. Some people are either younger and easily get offended to things, or maybe it's an older player who just was never taught about being patient and keeping things in an organized means to be able to understand or be open-minded to new ideas that can exist in the world outside of Mabinogi and within.

One of the most important aspects I kind of feel is an issue on Mabinogi is the toxicity, toxicity is created in many various shapes and forms, but it is something that is a growing trend based upon the person's culture, age, economical status, and the continent, country, and providence they are from. The good news is, there are less immature players on Mabinogi to where they do not use profanity or swear words, Mabinogi as a community/playerbase has improved on a maturity basis, some can state with the rise of Technology and the ability of obtaining technology has been easier overtime, even in 3rd World Countries (diversity is a key, but can be a dangerous thing if not maintained properly in an equal basis), we are beginning to see the youth grow wiser, more focus-minded, and understanding of others; however they might lack in other things possibly that most people do not teach anyone anymore. And this is called, consideration, keeping an open mind, being unbiased, and accepting others who think differently or believe in something else. This is what diversity is all about. However, I have my own personal issues with diversity as to me it is a double-edged sword with its good and bad mechanism that exist in our Post-Modernist and 21st Century times; but if we keep the formula of diversity at a minimal level of "Everyone should be treated fairly, nicely, and try to understand how they think or believe," these issues would never occur.

I also learned that the toxicity also comes from the Mabinogi Discord Server. This is another area that is also worrisome. One of the things why it is toxic; and if anyone understands, oil and machinery is a 'toxic' thing. So consider this as a comparison to the player-base in the Discord of Mabinogi. If robots, machines are made out of oil, and oil itself is toxic; players who are a directed mindset and focus on the game and not trying to find the "Small" yet creative aspects of Mabinogi; keep in mind, Mabinogi is also a game of Nostalgia for some people, like myself, these "Robots" in a sense will react and detect they are not acting like one of them, not conformed to the ideals of "You should be doing this or that, and so-forth," now when Nonskiller is on the Discord, he is literally being Nonskiller except he's a bit more mature than he was back in 2013. The Nonskiller in the modern time is a bit more arrogant, a character who acts tough, as if he is the main hero or something. We can relate his character to that of Ussop from One Piece or Hercule from Dragon Ball Z, or some kind of Con-Artist who thinks they're the best person in the world. Nonskiller as a character is a beauty honestly and personally, one of my favorite characters I like to develop on the internet.

There's a lot of plot stories connected to Nonskiller, based upon the game he enters and what he does, but when it comes to it. Mabinogi is the Heart and Soul of what made Nonskiller the character he is today. Now when not playing the role of Nonskiller, I would like to give out my ideas filled with Nostaglia and reflect upon events of the past. Most people consider this as "Spam" or a sense of literally causing the chat to be clogged, but the reality is, I am following the rules as I am following what is Mabinogi. Keep note, I do a lot of other things related to Mabinogi. Such as preparations if the game shuts down, there has to be an archiver if the game is gone completely. There are many games in the past that shut down; and some people archived as much as they could to have the memories and the nostalgia of what made that game great.

This is one of the problems, nobody understands the importance of maintaining Mabinogi either if it still exists or not. If Mabinogi is gone; then it's gone. We have archivers collecting as much as they can to keep as much memories of Mabinogi as possible. Then you have players like myself who would like to see things such as that one game from the Mabi Campfire 2018 be recreated or revamped into something cool. And no I am not talking about Mabinogi Duels. I am talking about that fun and interesting game of "Rock Paper Scizzors" but it's in the form of Cards. There's so much potential to manyideas created by Nexon, Devcat on the project of Mabinogi. Just saying, there's a lot. I feel in my personal opinion, and the Discord Playerbase of Mabinogi ADMIT TO THIS. They simply do not care for Mabinogi the game itself.

If the Playerbase on the Discord Mabinogi Server does not care for Mabinogi as a whole or being something that can be moved toward something interesting or exciting; or even small products like those Rock-Paper-Scizzors Cards (Smash, Counter, Defense, Windmill)... then you may as well burn Mabinogi to the ground. Who cares how much money you loss paying Nexon and Devcat. The player-base doesn't care about the innovate and creative aspect of the game; or even the nostalgia bit, so we should just shut the game down entirely if this is true. I know my statement sounded extreme there, but it seems to me, this would be the resolution.

Imagine : If the entire playerbase was robotic and toxic. And someone makes an issue about it, and other people back up the person trying to consult the issue and says.. "There's too many toxic players on the game, we should shut Mabinogi for being toxic," -- Would they do it? No. Lots of people would be mad because they loss money. That wouldn't happen realistically. Anyway my point is this. The player-base on Mabinogi is toxic.

There is a lack of people who want to make Mabinogi Positive and Great. Even the Discord Moderators may also be against the playerbase who actually cares for the game. And this is my own opinion, I am not here to say names because that isn't allowed.

Let me be clear of something though. I got permanently banned from many forums on different games. And 100% of the time, I was always supportive of the game. I was speaking about the issues of the game. And then I just got perm-banned from them for speaking out for my loyalty toward a game. Mabinogi, perm-banned me in the past. Runescape banned me because I "attacked the community" (I was in a Rant Forums ranting about Jagex not doing their job; and in the rules, you were allowed to criticize Jagex, and I provided information, evidence, and details) Please note that other Online games that I have played are also toxic and have these similar elements shown in the Playerbase of Mabinogi.

I ask that everyone does not follow this same path. True believers of Nostalgia, True Believers of a Game; you must understand, that what I see on Discord Servers, Forums, and Online MMORPGS can possibly intertwine and possess the same Toxic Traits. Trust me, I am an expert on this for 13 years. I know what I am talking about. Please note that the same issues I consult here are also issues found on other games; remember, I am a supporter of many things, I do not wish to go against anyone because being open-minded and seen how people act or play on Online games for 13 years, it's become repetitive and it's a huge issue that needs to be addressed.

This was Nonskiller, signing off. Oh! Do not forget to vote on the poll.
  1. Do you think Mabinogi Playerbase is too focused on the game than enjoying the game itself?6 votes
    1. Yes
       50% (3 votes)
    2. No
       50% (3 votes)


  • HelsaHelsa
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    Yeah the old forums staff had itchy banning button fingers. I got banned on them too. I made a suggestion in the feature request forums, but didn't include my IGN and Server of Residence. Some moderator replied back, using a rather truculent tone, that I had 24 hours to correct it or my post would be deleted. So, I replied with something like: If Nexon is pedantic enough that they would throw away an idea just because there is no IGN and server attached to it then go ahead and delete the post. Click-Banned! No explanation.

    As for the poll, folks that enjoy the game by focusing on it have no choice here.
  • SebastianSebastian
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    I'm... not entirely sure what is meant to be highlighted in this about toxicity. It sounds like stuff I agree with, but I don't quite understand this fully. There was a lot to read and a lot of points that seemed more like stand-alone parts rather than interconnected issues. Is this commenting on "Nexon Guard Dogs", conditioning new players towards a goal they follow blindly, senseless power creep and perceived efficiency? What is being too focused on the game?

    I feel this could be an interesting discussion. TL;DR even though I read?