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Things we must accept in all Games

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Based off my experience. These are the following things we must all accept in all games :

1. Creativity no longer exists
2. Ideas no longer exist
3. Individual Personalities and Characteristics are not allowed to exist
4. The voices of individuals are not allowed to exist
5. Opinions of others cannot exist
6. Even this post isn't allowed to exist because it showcases one of these traits.

This revolves throughout every single game virtually throughout every single platform. Many games have been brought through their own destruction because of the disinvestment of these basic elements. These elements create humanity, without these elements the only elements you have are these :

1. Coded-Based Pathways given to the Individual Player
2. Systems of Elitism and Oppression of players desiring to be themselves
3. Distraught of those who have a passion for a game but desire to find a pathway beyond the code itself.
4. A robotized world in which is forged only through materialistic items rather than worldly possessions. And I mean that's fine, but this point itself has depth and philosophy to it.

Let's talk about the 4th point since it has its own dynamic. What defines materialistic items in the digital realm versus materialistic items in the physical world? Also what defines worldly possessions? When it comes to digital materialistic items, their value exists through a meta-space, a placeholder where information is stored through various digital storages which can be easily destroyed if not backed up. Imagine, if Nexon one day had a break-in and people raided their facility in search for where the game information of all the player-data and everything was? Of course, you'd have a back-up obviously, but what if the raid goes successful and they end up finding all the external hard drives, usbs, and anything that contains data and just smashes it until they believe they found the back up? This is what digital materials are, a risk-factor. What happens if it's all destroyed? Who is to pay?

Then you have physical possessions. These themselves can be considered two things :

1. Against the Terms of Service of a Game Company/Business/Etc
2. Art and Conceptual inspiration from something.

What exactly is Cosplay if it literally violates the rules? What exactly is art if it violates the rules? Now this doesn't apply to all Cosplay, keep in mind; it matters on your technological level. The higher technology level you are in the real-world the higher chance you are violating Terms of Service with many game companies that do not like what you're doing, but rather, you're doing it for the basis that you care about the game and wish to archive this information which has potential of being created in the real world.

Worldly Possessions come to mind :

Imagine if Nexon or any Company just shuts down. The game itself shuts down, or one of your favorite games like Overwatch is gone? Who exactly is archiving this information? What happens when something no longer exists? What happens if the Digital World no longer exists? The internet for example? Imagine if someone archived all the information from Mabinogi and thus 3D Printed any possible items that could be created realistically or even Print out Blueprints of the actual clothing by itself (By the way, it is possible to create outlines of clothing from mabinogi however for certain items) Everything logical can be implemented into the Real World and hence, become a Worldly Possession; not of that being a Physical Material, or that being a Digital Material.

When considering the destruction of a game/anything --

1. Memories
2. Nostalgia
3. History
4. Conceptual Art

Must always be in a Digital Anthropological Status be kept with greatest value before anything. Think about it. Good intentions are typically seen in a bad light, but that is because the other perspective lacks the knowledge about other instruments of technology. Without understanding other utilities that exist, which dawns from the 80s and then heavily developed in today's time, we have could have fallen. The issue with the internet is this :

The Younger Generation might lack understanding of Archiving Items from the Digital World and then exporting them to the Real World. This is a greater importance than anything. Many fan-base would ask companies such as Runescape, "Can you make some Godswords? We would like to buy some?" And you know what they do instead? They make small and petty merchandise items.

The result? Players would then grab the game content archive it for themselves, and the wiser ones would 3D Print and recreate an outline on how to dismantle and recreate the object using the data provided to them. This is what it means to be an Artisan Engineer. Someone skilled in both the Engineer aspect and the artistic form. Sadly, fan-base usually dies off because games lose their flavor of what made them great in the first place.

Let me give you some examples of which games loss their flavor along with the reason :

1. Runescape = They went Elitism thus created stricter requirements to do certain things. This disables people who do not wish to have any sort of skills and just want quest points to be unable to truly be who they want to be on Runescape. The destiny of players is removed entirely.

2. Mabinogi = They had problems on the Forums in the past. However the issue with Mabinogi is actually the fact that it forces you to have skills if you're not careful. In addition to this, when it comes to the creative aspect, it's literally gone down the water. Players are not in this mental status of :: "Daily Objectives", "Grind this item," "Grind that item," it's literally Copy-Paste Information that was coded into the game. And I am not talking about skills, I am talking about how everything works and operates. I am not talking about new content as well. Th game itself is too robotic and forgets that there is the individual.

Mabinogi is literally about "Life" and how you wish to live your "Life" on Mabinogi. Right now, it is robotized to enforce the idea should use "These skills, wear these items, have this and that" this isn't what makes the game (Of course, it's a goal to get those particular things; but you shouldn't focus on those things, it's about the deeper meaning, the philosophical meaning.. What is Life on Mabinogi?)

3. Archeage = I spent lots of money on many of these games, and Archeage I gave 100 dollars annually, last year however they stole my money so I will stop playing this game entirely. (In fact, I never played the game to begin with). I literally have a house I can live in, a mansion, and many acres of land. I never play the game. But the game itself is also built for elitism; sure they implemented a solution for people who cannot afford Pay-To-Win content, but even so, the prices are too high anyway forcing you to spend money in the long-run.

4. Warframe = Warframe is Warframe, I cannot say much about warframe being elite. But I believe there is sensitivity from the Game Creators for certain things (in a sense of joking but in a serious manner). But anyway, the information also needs to be archived.

These are however games that should be archived and collected as they play an important role in a historical value.

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