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Handicraft EXP Reforge Bug

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I seem to be having an issue with the Handicraft EXP reforge on the Handicraft Kit.
1. 2x -> Carpentry Talent
2. 2x -> All Skill Event
3. 2x -> Life EXP Potion
4. 1.85x -> Level 177
5. 1.2x -> Handicraft EXP 2 Level

Unfortunately, it seems like the reforge is not giving any additional exp.

Making a paper crane at rank 8 gives me 1.776 exp.
However, with all the multipliers stated above, it should give me 2.1312

0.12 * ( 2 * 2 * 2 * 1.85) = 1.776
0.12 * ( 2 * 2 * 2 * 1.85 * 1.2) = 2.1312


  • DraechDraech
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    edited January 24
    "If a player had a Gathering Knife which had Production Mastery Training EXP 2 Level reforged onto it, and the user had Rank 3 Production Mastery with 12 points of training into the "Succeed in creating or gathering an item using a skill." criterion, upon equipping the knife, the training amount will change from "Succeed in creating or gathering an item using a skill. +3.00(12/60)" to "Succeed in creating or gathering an item using a skill. +3.60(12/60)" while that particular Gathering Knife is equipped.

    Upon un-equipping the affected item, training values return to their original amounts."

    (From the Reforge page on the Mabinogi World Wiki)

    At Rank 8 of Handicraft, crafting an item Rank A or lower only provides +0.10 normally. Since you've got your reforged Handicraft Kit equipped, these values change for +0.12. You can confirm this by purchasing a regular Handicraft Kit and equipping it.