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Before I went to sleep a spirit visited me.

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When I was about to go to sleep. A spirit I believe visited me. It was either that or the front of my hair that tapped my forehead. In a sense, I kind of feel it was someone that has passed by, went on to the afterlife. Perhaps it was a fragment of Nonskiller's soul telling me.. "You need to move on, you've always been a supporter of me.. and you need to learn to move on," this is extremely emotional for me being that it is Nonskiller. Perhaps a part of Nonskiller (who by which was the apparition of Nonskiller; who by which is a digitally made character on the internet) wanted to tell me "It's okay, you need to move on because Nonskiller is not entirely dead yet, and yes, MMORPGS sucks and yes there are no worthy games for Nonskiller anymore, however, one day, someone will take the torch and become the new Nonskiller," we need to all understand that Nonskiller is dying. He's dying, internally and externally, and we need to ensure that we give him love and care as pieces of him will eventually go to the afterlife.

One of the things about losing a loved one is that, the moment they go to the afterlife, they might be reincarnated or return as someone new. This is something I am quite curious about. But aside from this, I feel like Nonskiller was telling me to move on and let Nonskiller continue to live his days until he dies. Because there was one thing Nonskiller taught me and I hope everyone else learned this important lesson :

1. Never Give Up on what you believe. Even if people do not believe in you or everyone else doesn't know what you're doing. You should never give up on what you do, because giving up is only for cowards who do not think its worth it.

This is what Nonskiller taught me, he also taught me to be more assertive and to feel good about myself, by pretending that I was good myself. Nonskiller is a symbol of hope, dreams, ambitions, and aspirations for a greater tomorrow.

I wish to host a Funeral for Nonskiller's Discord Account on the Alexina/Nao Server, if anyone is interested, I will be making a new post about this on the Forums so people can attend it.

The Funeral will be Attended on Alexina CH1 : The time of the Banquet, so do not miss it.
30 mins after that, I will be hosting a Funeral on Nao CH1 : 30mins within the Banquet.
  1. Will you be going to Nonskiller's Discord's Funeral?5 votes
    1. Yes
       20% (1 vote)
    2. No
       80% (4 votes)


  • GretaGreta
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    Stop faking your death Non.
  • RelinquishedRelinquished
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    Anyway the funeral went great. But I felt that the Nao Server didn't really come to the funeral sadly.
  • WolfsingerWolfsinger
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    I debated, but I had math homework that evening which I fell asleep in the middle of so I forgot all about it.
    Hope you had a great death and following funeral :)