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About G24 Crom Dragon and now.


  • PolicromaPolicroma
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    Policroma wrote: »
    I'm a level 18k elf and I "only" used 35 stones.


    I regret nothing Policroma.

    I admit, I laughed.
  • PlatinaKokiPlatinaKoki
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    Habimaru wrote: »
    That actually sounds like an even better self-learning A.I. if it's taking down notes specifically to counter-attack specifically against you.
    Also, for that self-learning thing, is it kind of like the amiibo fighters from Smash Bros? The ones that can learn to adapt to your fighting style?
    Alshian wrote: »
    What a cute Crom...
    They also have their version of Neamhain, but, for some reason, have her set as a Wind-Element character, rather than Light-Element, and as a(n) SR rather than a(s) SSR. Then again some characters have more than one version and thus different Elements. Perhaps there might be a future-version of her as a Light-Element SSR (she definitely deserves to have SSR-status [and SSR-power/strength/abilities/etc] in my opinion).

    I don't think Nexon's system is capable of either.

    So we'll continue to have enemies going "HOW DO I GET TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS OBSTACLE?", even when its clear as day.

    Reminds me of the trick people used to use against G3 Cromm
  • BlissfulkillBlissfulkill
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    Crims wrote: »
    Those panties are flesh colored. Lol.
    I’d make a pun, but it’ll make me seem too...cheeky.
  • WanderIustWanderIust
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    edited March 12
    Took over an hour, but I solo'd and beat Black Moon Cromm Cruaich. I burnt through a lot of event Guardian and Nao Stones. That felt really good, but I will not solo that again if given the chance.

    I did the fight with no buffs (other than bard) and a clean Dark Knight set because I wasn't prepared. I didn't think it was going to be harder than the previous fights. I would’ve saved a lot of time if I took down all the Tech Duinn Geatas, brought a party or just repaired my better gear, alas, I was too stubborn.

    (Edit: screenshots removed for privacy reasons)
  • SaiSai
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    kirbystar wrote: »
    as Cromm kept running away.

    That was the most annoying part for me.
    You run at him, sometimes running through the flames only for him to run away again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I was just glad you could run this with friends this time. All the others were solo.
  • roastedpigroastedpig
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    I can appreciate what they were trying to go for this -- too tough for you to solo boss -- but, really, it was just 20mins of lag fest, running, and getting bounced around :T

    nice cutscenes tho.