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Pet summoning issue/blank pet slots being created?

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edited March 22 in Bugs and Glitches
After using the event whistle to make a unicorn, every time I try to use a hotkey to summon my pet in slot 1, it fails and creates a blank pet slot. This only started after I used the unicorn whistle and it only happens with the very first slot. I am not sure what triggered this issue. Is anyone else having this issue? I have tried relogging and restarting my client but the empty slots remain and grow if I try to move them down and out of the way.

While attempting to recreate the issue, I have made multiple extra empty slots.

Note: 2 of them are black-robed pets that I have submitted a support ticket for, I am not sure if that somehow triggered this issue as well.

In game name: Compliance+Tarlach
Server: Nao