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Wolf-striped Desert Spider, Spawn times

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I would like to know the spawn times of Wolf-striped Desert Spider, I would also appreciate if something can be done about content in game not being supported, such as the spawn times of Iria bosses, we need to know this stuff via the game telling us, not by us having to sit an entire day and finding out for ourselves, although it would be a cool Fantasy Life Experience.


  • TimefallTimefall
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    Killing monsters in Rano will allow you to find Field Boss Scrolls with the next spawn time listed on them. The non-giant field bosses do not have a fixed schedule. It's psuedo-random, and unpredictable. Field Boss Scrolls are the only good way to know when they'll spawn. I have also heard rumors that certain NPCs will give you spawn times when asked about "Nearby Rumors" with high likability. I haven't seen any confirmation on this though.

    I've had to hunt several field bosses before, and my advice is, stand at the location they spawn, and every 5-6 minutes, check all channels. Most of them spawn 4 times per day per channel. 40 spawns per day averages to about a spawn every 40 minutes, or something. Someone else math it out.