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Can not complete "To a Stronger Form" Quest.

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edited March 30 in Bugs and Glitches
I am at the step where you are supposed to use the whistle and then speak to her again.
I did not receive a whistle on this character.
The horse is not a pet that I have on this account on any server/character nor do I have the whistle item. Using other pets does not satisfy the quest requirement.

What can I do to: A) complete the quest B ) gain the horse pet


  • kensartokensarto
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    Update: I can not speak to duncan either, something I just learned. He keeps directing me to the first step of the quest and cancelling the dialogue. This means I can't access a LOT of the game.
  • TimefallTimefall
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    Wiki says the requirement is to talk to Dilys with any pet summoned. If some pets aren't working, try each pet you have. Leave them summoned while speaking to her. If that doesn't work, I'll be trying some things once I can login to help ya figure it out.