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Events/Sales Heads-Up! 5/14/20

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in General Chat
Hey, Milletians, it's that time again! This week we're going to be saying goodbye to the Kemono Friends Crossover Content... and I guess over the weekend, the "Is This Your Legendary Weapon" ended. Anyway let's get started!

Get those boxes from the Meowbino-... err... I mean the Kemono Friends Board and scoop up your prizes! Also, make sure to trade in those Japari Coins to Caravan FRIEND Joe's Shop for anything you might want.

Kemono Friends Crossover Event:

The Kemono Friends Gacha Boxes in both the Equipment and Doll Bag form and the Japari Bus and the Japari Tractor will be leaving on Thursday before maintenance so if you want to go for any last minute draws or vehicles, you still have time! Another sale leaving with this one is the Shopkeeper's Sale: Empty Doll Bag Storage Chest sale!

Kemono Friends Sales:
Shopkeeper's Sale: Empty Doll Bag Storage Chest:

That's all for now! Happy Gaming, everyone!



  • NegumikoNegumiko
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    also remember to get Kaban's Bag and Kyururu's Bag from the coin shop. like I mentioned in a thread shortly after the event started, these are not personal shop bags so if you need more inventory get them:

    make sure to check page 2 of the coin shop if you want the cellien costume as it is could be missed since it is hiding on another page of the coin shop. there is around 73 hours and 30 minutes of the event left assuming the Thursday maintenance starts at 7:00am PDT like it usually does.
  • HelsaHelsa
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    Wednesday, I will be in the bank, a-spinnin' like crazy.
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    Helsa wrote: »
    Wednesday, I will be in the bank, a-spinnin' like crazy.

    If you don't mind clicking more often, you can close the board while it's spinning and reopen it to skip the actual spinning animation.
    It'll help speed things along if you have a TON of coins to get through.

    Regardless if you already knew that, good luck!
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Wow time flies. I should sell some stuff to make room to collect rewards. It's already mid-May!