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Enchant scrolls

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in Technical Support
Enchant scroll: Posh (Rank 9) for Accessories. Give error no suitable item when I have 4 different aaccessories.
Is this enchant for any accessory or one specific accessory?


  • КалашниковКалашников
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    Posts: 274
    Are your 4 accessories clean or do they have enchants on them already?
  • HabimaruHabimaru
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,595
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    Enchanting Ranks 9-1 require what is called: Bridging

    You first need a Rank A Enchantment already on the Accessory before you can Rank 9 Enchant. A successful Rank 9 Enchantment then lets you attempt Rank 8, success w/Rank 8 then grants access to attempt Rank 7 Enchants, etc.

    Prefixes and Suffixes are mutually exclusive for Enchant-Bridging.