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suddenly not being able to log in after crash

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edited June 16 in Technical Support
so i was just chilling in Tir after not playing consistently for several months and suddenly i get logged out with the "abnormal connection" issue, that's i wait 30 seconds...a minute or two go by and it does not let me log in again, i end the program and restart

out of complete nowhere after logging in normally, it stops me at the secondary password screen and says "enter a secondary password, once its set you have to reset it at the nexon website"??? so..i put in a new one thinking it wants me to reset it...
then it says "unable to log in, make sure your game isnt going under maintenance" so i check and it isnt...

it repeats this OVER AND OVER again, what do i do??? am i HACKED?? D: screenshot of the final message, let me know if you need more


  • FluoretteFluorette
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    No, this is a known issue. The game recognizes you as still logged on after facing a disconnection. Close the Mabinogi client and wait a bit of time before logging in again.
  • AliechSuccubiAliechSuccubi
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    OHHHHHHHH thats new XD its been SO LONG tysm!!