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LF> Cotton Candy Sheep; T>Pets

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in Alexina Marketplace
I just came back to the game and I'm not sure if the sheep can be traded, but if it can I'm really in love with them; either the petite or massive one. I was hoping to trade a pet for a pet, I have a pet medal already available to store one of my pets. So if you have a pet medal to spare and I have a pet you might like send me a note at Donevor. Hit me up if interested, if not thanks for taking time to read. :)

These are the extra pets I have available for a 1 to 1 trade:

Golden Rat
Mini Skeleton
Treat Pumpkin
Warp Imp
Snowy Owl
Lovely Labrador Retriever
Lovely Boston Terrier
Lovely Scottish Fold
Sundae Truck

I don't have a ton of gold by inflation standards nowadays, but how much do you think a cotton candy sheep would cost if I were to try and buy one? If this doesn't work at, at least a price check so I can save up for one would be appreciated!