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How to use Brionac for training skill?!?

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I DONT KNOW WHY i cant use brionac to train my Weaving rank 8 skill. I've got 48/300 of (Successfully make the finest silk) and the blue exp looks already past half full. I just don't understand Skills which are eligible will be flashing part. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO MAKE IT FLASH?? Do i need more exp points? I've been doing Memoirs and am level 158. If i rebirth can i not use the Brionac? I don't know.

Please ... help.


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    edited June 30
    You need to be at least 30% of the way trained in that particular training method manually, not skill EXP but training counts.
    So you won't be able to Brionac train that until you're at 90/300, even if your progress bar is already over halfway full due to your current level 158 bonus.
    In other words, by the time you're eligible to Brionac train this rank of weaving, with your level 158 bonus, you'll already be at 100 skill EXP and be done with it.
    You can try to do AP Training, instead of Brionac training and see if that works.
    AP Training just needs you to be at 30 skill EXP (not training counts, but skill EXP), so according to what you've said you should be able to do that right now.
    I'm not sure how much AP it takes to train Weaving, but it'll actually be an option, unlike Brionac training now.
  • LostexplorerLostexplorer
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    Okay thank you. I thought i had 30 percent trained. I am rank 3 now.