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Cant get SPECIAL expiditions anymore.

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in Bugs and Glitches
i get you dont get these often but i havent gotten one for a few days. i have multiple boards on different characters plenty of missions no specials.

i think it stopped when i accidently clicked to stop one of them before it was finished... now i dont get any.


  • GretaGreta
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    edited July 9
    Since the start of this update i only managed to get special expedition twice. You been lucky, that's all.

    I didn't notice the part where you mention that you were using multiple characters. I get a feeling that it wasn't intentional so they might have fixed it. Supposedly there was an unintentional glitch were you could obtain multiple expeditions by logging in and out.
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    Just to check, but the other characters whose boards you're checking, are they all at least 5,000 cumulative levels?
    The lowest-level Special Expedition is gotten at 5,000 and others need an even higher level.