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memory leak

Mabinogi Rep: 200
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in Bugs and Glitches
I have observed memory activity for quite some time and now I am pretty sure that Mabinogi is the culprit here.

I have 8 gb of memory on windows 7, so I'm still fine to play it for quite some time, but for those who have less its even worse.

here's some proof after playing for awhile and then turning everything off theres a leftover of 2gb memory leaked.

memory.png memory2.png
I can clean standby memory just fine, but not the modified which was leaked by the game


  • HelsaHelsa
    Mabinogi Rep: 15,005
    Posts: 3,283
    What was the in-game activity during the test time? If Mabinogi is the culprit the dev team will want to narrow down where the offending or lack thereof class destructor is or is not being called depending on what the case may be.
  • GretaGreta
    Mabinogi Rep: 45,555
    Posts: 6,745
    So... Anything new? This issue has been known for years, the game is poorly optimized.
  • HabimaruHabimaru
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,600
    Posts: 595
    The resource-hogging (Memory Leakage) will probably continue until which time any of the following happens...:

    ① They integrate some sort of memory manager/cleaner into the client itself (something similar to MemTurbo but specifically for Mabinogi).
    It should take user-habits into consideration and/or whether particular content no longer needs to remain loaded into the RAM for the rest of the day (for example, Saga-Episodes, once completed for the Daily Quest, probably won't be run again by the player until the next day & can thus safely be unloaded or cleaned from the RAM to free up more memory for other content that may need to be loaded)... that way it is not unloading frequently used content whilst leaving one-time-per-day content loaded into memory limbo...

    I suppose another option would also integrate/implement such a feature into the system-settings/options, such as if going into in-client Menu→Options, there could be another tab after Performance, perhaps named something like «[Loaded] Content» which lists all of the various «instances» of content that have been loaded into the RAM of the PC from the client, and would list all of the Shadow-Missions, Dungeons, Saga-Episodes, regions visited, etc., from which then perhaps maybe we could manage the memory ourselves such as something like the following...
    And another possible idea which came to mind after putting that image-example together would be a «Auto-Unload From RAM After Content-Clear» option, such as if one finishes a Saga-Episode, then the content from said Saga-Episode would be unloaded from the RAM to clear up more memory for other content.

    Disclaimer: I am only making a(n) «[(semi-)educated] guess» as to what may be possible to help fix/address the issues with [potential] memory leakages, and this idea may only be falling into the realm of subjective-opinion (although I hope not), but I certainly do remain curious as to whether this such thing would be possible and if the developers are willing to field-test or do some test-coding as to whether something like this could help resolve the remaining/lingering out-of-memory issues that eventually occur for probably all of us who keep the client running for longer than a day or two (for some people they have to keep re-starting every few hours in order not have their client crash on them upon loading content or zoning).

    ② They thoroughly review the entire source-code & clean it of unnecessary coding that may be loading too much unused content and/or make better use of the cache-system available on end-users' computers and/or some combination of this and/or a working version of my above example.

    ③ Re-Write/Replace the [Pleione] Engine...? I have only heard of other people mentioning this so this is not my own original idea, how-ever, I think there is already a fairly strong consensus that this isn't going to happen any time soon if ever... especially since, according to their information, the original coders/developers who wrote the Engine are no longer around/available for whatever reason, and so there isn't much guidance/expertise for the current developers to tinker around too carelessly with the engine; and the reason given for not replacing the engine if I remember correctly was something to do with also being similar to how all of the source-code would still need to be transferred/converted from which case it would still be like re-writing the entire game all over again almost from scratch which would be too time-consuming and costly of an unter-taking.

    ④ Everything gets re-written into Assembly Language. Probably not happening since coding in Assembly pretty much requires you to be a mathematical-genius who is capable of easily reading both Binary and Hexadecimal-numbers and code and, even if this does manage to happen, the amount of extra time it takes to code in a Low-Level Programming Language like Assembly would hinder & inhibit there from being much if any new content from even being produced and creating lots of content being produced in a short amount of time can only really be done with High-Level Programming Languages at least according to some of the industry experts from whom I had originally learned about this type of information.

    In any case, IF the #1 that I described above is possible, and actually works to allow me to be able to run multiple shadow-missions & Saga-Episodes over a few days without having to re-start the client or having the client crash as a result, then it would be nice to see it implemented in the future.
  • Atheist42Atheist42
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,040
    Posts: 44
    Waras wrote: »
    here's some proof after playing for awhile and then turning everything off theres a leftover of 2gb memory leaked.

    Well that would explain why my client just died with an "out of memory" error. Haven't seen that one before.

  • WarasWaras
    Mabinogi Rep: 200
    Posts: 8
    Helsa wrote: »
    What was the in-game activity during the test time? If Mabinogi is the culprit the dev team will want to narrow down where the offending or lack thereof class destructor is or is not being called depending on what the case may be.

    sorry for the delay, I was busy in the past days, it would be really difficult to track down the in-game activity, as I was at that day playing the game for 14 hours non stop and then again another day, doing all kinds of quests, transitioning through map alot and looking at Habimaru's post my best guess is all those quests, areas keep stockpiling up until finally u receive error "Out of memory" and after closing the game u end up with leaked memory and have to restart PC.

    I also use AMD fusion(which has its own issues) to reduce cpu usage down to minimum to not overheat my pc when I play this game for a long time at the cost of some fps loss, and this game really likes to eat PC resources.

    I am still looking for ways to fix this issue, maybe anyone know a tool or a way to clean this memory leak without having to restart PC?
  • AyameiAyamei
    Mabinogi Rep: 610
    Posts: 2
    This has been around for years. It was a problem prevalent even 8 years ago. The problem is with the game engine, I believe.