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Two Pieces of Cotton Candy- P.E.T. Quest

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I CTRL-clicked on the basket of something soft and furry (to use the item), then it disappeared. Relogging won't work and forfeiting the quest is not an option. Did this happen to anyone else?


  • RawrkittyRawrkitty
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    Well, the fix was easier than I thought. I relogged and it's there on my pets list. Had to summon it from the pets menu to start the cutscene.
  • Atheist42Atheist42
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    edited July 18
    And the next confusing thing is:

    Say I've got 2 characters named char1 and char2. Say I do this quest on char1 first. The resulting pet gets called Fynni Fyn+char1. So when I did the quest on char2 I was expecting to get another basket, and when I used the basket, I'd get another pet named Fynni Fyn+char2. That doesn't happen! Pinkie tells you to take and use the basket, but doesn't give you basket. There's a brief message on screen saying you already have a pet. But the quest window is the same as for your first character, so it has a step saying "Use the basket of Something Soft and Furry to summon a pet." But there is no basket to use!

    I wasted much time trying to figure out if I'd misplaced a basket. Checked inventory multiple times. Did it get dropped because my inventory was full? Relogged to see whether the basket reappeared. Talked to Pinkie to see of she'd give me a replacement basket.

    And no. It looks like they decided we'd only get one Fynni Fyn for the whole account, so to complete the quest step that says "Use the Basket" I had to summon the Fynni Fyn+char1 pet that was created on char1. And the resulting animation shows the Basket that I was never given on char2.

    (Edited after running my 3rd character through this bit and finding I hadn't correctly remembered what happened on my 2nd character.)