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G7 Ruwai's Exploration Journal RP Dungeon Broken

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edited July 19 in Bugs and Glitches
I can't actually start the dungeon because the altar disappear and the game locks my character; I have to log out to do anything, and it eats the journal anyway. I am unable to progress in G7's questline because this dungeon is inaccessible.

To recreate: Obtain Ruwai's Exploration Journal from the G7 storyline, and offer it at the altar at Longa Ruins (either by giving it or using the item selection menu from talking to the altar). The altar disappears and you will be locked in place, unable to move until you log out. Ruwai's Exploration Journal will be removed from your inventory and you have to go back to Ruwai to get another.
What I see when it's happened:
The character I'm playing as is Kalxbroc, on the Nao server.