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Summer Reforge Time (EVENT/SALE)

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Take advantage of the Reforge Time Event for a rare chance to trigger a higher rank during reforge! Get 30% off on Fine and Credne's Reforging Tools or pick up some Refined Reforging Tools PLUS or Premium Reforging Tools to improve your equipment. Check out the details on the website.

Read carefully! There is an event part of this that runs starting tomorrow (Friday) until Monday, July 27th and a sale that runs until next maintenance July 30th.
You must be cumulative level 500 or above to purchase any of the items with NX Credit.


Reforge Time Event
Event Dates: Friday, July 24th, 11:00 AM PDT - Monday, July 27, 11:00 AM PDT

Event Details:
  • There is a rare chance to trigger a higher rank during reforge!
  • This affects Reforging Tools, Fine Reforging Tools, Credne's Reforging Tools, Amazing Reforging Tools, Refined Reforging Tools, Refined Reforging Tools PLUS, and Premium Reforging Tools!

Premium Reforging Tool and Refined Reforging Tool PLUS
Sale Dates: Thursday, July 23rd, After Maintenance - Thursday, July 30th, Before Maintenance

Premium Reforging Tools are a type of reforging tool that are even more powerful than a Refined Reforging Tool PLUS.

  • Premium Reforging Tools do not increase the number of lines.
  • Only the level and type of reforging effects can be changed.
  • Refined Reforging Tools PLUS do not increase the number of lines.
  • Reforging stats depend on where the item is equipped. Different stats also have different possible maximums.
  • Reforging Rank 1 does not have Demigod, Paladin, Dark Knight or Beast Mode options.
  • Refined Reforging Tools PLUS can grant reforging effects related to Transformations if under Rank 1.
  • If you reforge multiple times, the existing reforging effect might end up the same or lower.
  • Refined Reforging Tools PLUS will never reforge a stat bonus below certain values:
    • Min Damage: +5
    • Max HP: +2
    • Strength: +3
    • Will: +2
    • Dexterity: +3

Reforge Tool Sale
Sale Dates: Thursday, July 23rd, After Maintenance - Thursday, July 30th, Before Maintenance

Reforging Tool Details
  • Reforging Tools are used to add additional upgrades to a piece of equipment or a weapon that affect stats, skill range, skill cooldown, etc. depending on the type of reforge you receive.
  • Unfortunately, not all equipment can be reforged.
  • Different equipment types receive different upgrade types when reforged. Not all equipment can receive the same reforge upgrades.
  • To apply one of the Reforging Tools listed above, you must first apply a regular Reforging Tool bought from a General Store Merchant, like Walter. This only applies if the weapon has no reforge and reforge rank.
  • There are three ranks when it comes to reforging which determine the reforge's maximum level:
    • Rank 3 (Lowest)
    • Rank 2
    • Rank 1 (Highest)
  • Maximum levels vary depending on the weapon and the reforge buff.
  • To achieve a higher rank for reforging, you must keep applying reforges to the weapon.
  • Reforges apply up to 3 different types of upgrades/buffs per equipment. These are commonly referred to as "lines".
  • Fine Reforging Tools must be applied to equipment that have been reforged or that are higher than rank 3 in order to reroll a new upgrade. It also has a small chance to increase the rank.
  • Crednes's Reforging Tools can be applied to any equipment in order to reroll new upgrades, increase the amount of lines (max of 3), or increase the reforge rank.
  • Premium Reforging Tools have the best chance to increase the rank of a reforge and obtain high level reforges. Note that it does not increase the amount of lines.


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    Sharing this comment from a member of the community, as it may help with understanding these tools.