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Lucky Beast and Far Darrig Doll Bags not stacking

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edited July 29 in Bugs and Glitches
I've noticed that the summon bonuses for the Lucky Beast Doll Bag and the Far Darrig Doll Bag are not stacking when they're summoned at the same time. The Far Darrig Doll Bag is special in that we can summon it on top of the max summoning for doll bags, and with other configurations, the bonus does apply; I thought at first that maybe it was because the Lucky Beast Doll Bag has four dolls, but a couple friends of mine have checked it against their Expeditionary Force Doll Bags (which includes Luck+8 among its other bonuses), and the Far Darrig Doll Bag's bonus does stack with that one.

For reference:
No bags summoned:
Lucky Beast Doll Bag summoned:
Far Darrig Doll Bag summoned:
Lucky Beast Doll Bag and Far Darrig Doll Bag summoned:

You can see here that the +10 Luck applies when either one is summoned (since it's part of the summoning bonus for each bag), but when both bags are summoned, only one +10 Luck applies; I've included my stats window to show that it isn't just a visual glitch with the text for the bonus, since my Luck still only raises by 10 when I have both summoned.