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Dual Guns Basic Quest FIX FOUND

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edited February 21, 2017 in Help
OKIE, So this happened to me and now my girlfriend. However I was lucky enough to end up with all the skills after finishing the dual guns basic quest.

The bug/glitch is when I gave my girlfriend a pair of Blessed Taunes MK3 guns to begin getting her gunslinger skills the quest didn't appear until after she got the mastery to rank C.
She was suppose to get the quest first then obtain Flash Launcher from the dual guns basic quest. Anyway even after getting the quest at rank C mastery she still doesnt have the rest of the skills. I got bugged from the Zeder II I bought from the engineer.

I gave her the guns when she was still in tutorial mode. I don't know if that's what caused the bug or not. My character is years old so Idk if that was why I also got bugged. However her account is brand new.

Here's a screen shot of her skills
Character Name: notpanchan
Server: Alexina
I found a fix for this issue. Log out of the game completely (end game). Locate the cache folder here "C:\Users\Yourusername\Documents\Mabinogi\Cache" delete all files related to the character with the bug. I just deleted all the contents in the whole folder. Log back in and you'll have all the skills except flash launcher. You'll then recieve the quest again to obtain flash launcher.