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Can someone help me with some questions?

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edited February 23, 2017 in Help
Hi all,

I'm new to NA Mabinogi, and I have some questions that I want to ask. If you are kind enough to stop by and help me, I would really appreciate it. As of now, I have set my character in Alexia server.

First of all, how are the golds called? I heard some players use 100k, 5M and etc, but how much is that worth in the actual game?
Is 5M like five million gold (Can someone write this in 1,000,000 kinds of a way please)? What is the maximum value of gold for one character to deposit in the bank?

Secondly, what are the general standards of becoming an RA (Royal Alchemist)?
I have attempted becoming an RA several times in a different server with 8900 journal points (elf), all Alchemy skill rank 1 and with that, I have my cylinder spirit level 50 but still failed to become an RA except once. Are the standards generally the same in Alexina?

Lastly, I love equipping wings and clothing to my character. I really love shopping so is there a specific site or a forum in Mabinogi for users to use to sell and buy items? Where is the best active place to use for users to use for shopping/trading? (IDK if this is allowed to asked here but how much is Holy Guardian Angel Wings)?

Thank you all for reading this post and I hope I didn't make any mistakes to offend anyone in anyway.
I hope you have a great day!


  • 암호암호
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    Hi Hajae, I'll be happy to answer your questions. :)

    The amount of gold ultimately depends on the item and server. If you are wanting basic NPC items, 1million gold isn't much and is doable within a week or so through normal means of the game. The max amount of gold you can have is 5 million (in the form of cheques). Because of this, you can hold multiple "5 million gold cheques" for much higher priced items.

    The gold cap is set to 5million per character per server for a Bank Tab.

    As for Royal Alchemist, as the feature has been out for a while, you'll want to get nearly all your Alchemist Skills to Rank 1 or Master in order to have a shot, and this is for all servers.

    Last Question; Check out our marketplace lower down on this fourm!
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    Hi 암호, thank you for your reply.

    So you mean 5m is like (

    Your answers really helped me a lot. Thank you. I appreciate it :D!
  • KororeKorore
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    Moving you to help section! :D

    Welcome to Mabinogi!
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    Yeah, you've got it
    k is for thousands, so 100k means "100,000".
    M is for millions so 5M means "5,000,000"

    Bank deposit limit is 5M gold per character (not pet).
    Any more than that, and you'll have to start making cheques and putting those on pets or some other thing.

    Becoming an RA is bound to be a bit easier here in the NA servers, compared to another server, given the population size difference.
    Probably going to still need r1 of most, or all, Alchemy skills, but once you have that, you should be able to find a spot in the RA roster.

    As for a place to do Buying/Selling notices...
    Well aside from just having party signs up in-game, there's the Alexina Marketplace Forums here on the official NA Mabinogi forums.
    (assuming you're on the Alexina server)

    What server are you coming from?
    And what'd make ya wanna start allllll the way over, here. D:
    (leaving behind a level 50 ego ;.;)
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    I came from the KR server (Lute). I came here because they have too many lags going on there. It's unbearable :(
    The level I had was just less than 20000, but oh well... Thank you for your reply :D!! <3
  • ShoogShoog
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    Welcome to NA Mabinogi HAJAE! :D
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    Thank you Shoog! <3