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Help with making end game lance

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I've been trying to get a good demonic lance for end game and the max dmg only comes up at 50-92 at most. I'm just wondering how is it possible for people to get their lances to 50-128 (I've been seeing a lot of lances like that in my server but idk how to get it that high)

So basically wat I'm asking is:

how to get a lance to 128 max dmg and is it possible with a lance from saga or does it need to be smithed


  • asnscorpioasnscorpio
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    Those are usually smithed. Sometimes gatcha gives out maxed stat equipment's that allow rank 1 reforges. You can usually tell they are from gatcha because of the reforge being per-highlighted.
  • YabekoYabeko
    Mabinogi Rep: 400
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    ok thanks, I guess i'll start looking for a gacha lance