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Nexon account ID

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in Technical Support
hello :)
how do i know my Nexon account ID ?


  • ParadoxLostParadoxLost
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    Its the Email you use for logging into the website
  • HardmuscleHardmuscle
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    edited March 10, 2017
    If your account is newer (created in the last 4 years or so), you don't have an Account ID (only your email address).

    They removed the option to create one (when you first make your account), about that long ago.

    The option to use it remains for those who created one before it was taken away.
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    guys i cannot write @ in the email chart in the nexon launcher
  • shinobecioshinobecio
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    what if the game just have login by id not by email? i can't login to vindictus