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Another launcher & opening the game problem

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in Technical Support
Imma just describe my experience so far:

- After resolving the 'Downloading everything again?' problem and being able to play just for a while I decided to close the game and went to sleep.

- The next day I tried opening the game through steam (Note; I added the game, not downloading the Steam Mabinogi) It didn't start, I tried resolving it through the same method and it worked.

- Unfortunately, that did not work at all.

- Tried using the Mabinogi Launcher the normal way could only get me as far as the starting of Nexon Game Security, it stayed that way for a long time.

- Tried using the Mabinogi Client Launcher could only get me to a certain percentage (93% or 77%)

- I'm all out of options

Is internet speed important? My speed is below 50kb/s right now but I managed to start Mabinogi just yesterday...