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R> Gummybear (Casual/Social guild w/ Discord)

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edited January 31 in Guild and Party Recruitment

✧:*♡ Hey there everyone! ♡*:✧
As you can tell from the title; the Gummybear guild is recruiting.
Honestly- we're always recruiting!!!! ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
We're recruiting members to grow an awesome, fun, chill community.
We're extremely active on our Discord channel and ingame.
ezgif.com-resize.gif There are no requirements on joining, we accept everyone! ezgif.com-resize.gif

We participate in a lot of activities such as: raids, dungeons, shadow wiz. spams, and more!
✧:*♡ We also put on guild exclusive events in-game with prizes!!!! ♡*:✧

Outside of Mabinogi, we play other games together as well, but mainly Mabinogi.
Not only do we play other games, but tons of things go on in our Discord too!
✧:*♡ We hang out in voice chat, have movie nights, etc.. ♡*:✧

If you want to apply and join us- contact Megitron or Valclover.
You can find our guild stone right outside of the Tir Chonaill moongate.
✧:*♡ See you then! ♡*:✧