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A rather irritating thing I'm noticing lately...


  • ShouKShouK
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    Not strictly relevant but a long time ago I wanted to buy this scythe, which at the time was worth about 5m, from a player who claimed they were quitting. I gave an offer of 3m because that was literally about all the gold I had on me, and the seller agreed. So I leave for like a minute to write the checks and when I get back there is some other player telling the seller they should charge more for the scythe, and so when I go to make the trade the seller decides they agreed, canceled the trade, and kindly told me to pony up an additional two mil or Fergus off. In retrospect it wasn't that big of a deal but that was probably the maddest I ever got at a seller, especially because back then bank fees actually meant something to me and the seller couldn't even be bothered to reimburse me for those.
    Ah that reminds me. I once wanted to buy an Altam wig and offered I think about 3m to the seller. The seller countered with an offer that I can agree with and I happily go to the bank to make a check and wait inside his homestead. When I entered, there was another player who was fishing, I ignored him thinking it was some random friend of the owner, waited and waited, I knew something was off. Then that player asking if I wanted to buy the wig, and I said yes, and after that he said he was buying it for 5m. Right after I got a note from the seller saying he was going to sell it to his friend, this guy.

    I was really pissed off because bank fees were a big deal to me back then, and his friend was being a jerk, the way he acted was like he was drunk or something. Then the seller indeed said he was having a rough day after working, and that basically confirmed his friend took it out on me. His friend said he's gonna reimbursed the bank fees (he offered, I didn't even ask), and said gonna mail the check, ended up I still didn't get it to this very day. Later the seller noted his friend was not responsible for the fees, and some other shiz I don't remember but bottom line is, he didnt feel guilty at all for blowing me off, and instead still defending his friend.

    TLDR; If you're a seller and already set up a price to the buyer, don't back off. Honor it gdi