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new to alexina! lf: friends, a guild, etc : )

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in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hello, all!

So, I have dual purpose in posting this here, to be honest:
  • First of all, as the title states, I'm looking for friends, a guild (perhaps), and whatever else I may end up needing.
  • My second purpose, however, was to create a "journal" recording my adventures in Alexina.

And, yes, I know, that's lame! But, I'm a lame person, so whatever!

Naturally, this discussion is free for anyone to post on to record their own adventures, offer their services, advertise themselves (as friends, merchants, tradesman), or boast about their guild (and any upcoming events). I just think it would be really nice to have a server-wide "chatroom" where we could post any significant announcements and share about ourselves and our in-game lives!

Because I've created this for a specific and general purpose, things may get messy, so bare with me while I work out any issues that may arise. Naturally, try not to spam!

As a preface, I thought I'd tell you all a little bit about myself. I've been playing Mabinogi (by myself) since about 2009. For a couple of years beforehand, I played on a co-ownership account with my older brother (we called that off due to our incessant arguments).

The entirety of my time on my Mabinogi has been spent on the Mari server, actually, so I'm brand new to Alexina.

Admittedly, I do tend to be an incremental type of player, that is, I play for a stretch of time, give up, and then start playing again. This is mostly due to scheduling conflicts that will be dissipating very, very soon.

You may be wondering: why did you move to Alexina?

Great question!

The thing about the Mari server (to any Mari-natives, I apologize for what is to follow) is that it's very "old money." The vast majority of the people there have been playing since the beginning. And they rule the roost, if you know what I mean. It's very hard to advance in Mari because of that, which I find very discouraging. Furthermore, while the altruistic element is not, necessarily, missing from Mari, it's quite sparse. A lot of the newbies are going to the other servers and those that do choose Mari end up becoming discouraged and leaving. For me, that's not the kind of environment I like to be in. I love helping other people and creating an environment in which people feel as if they can prosper. When that's absent, I tend to lose interest. And lastly, Mari's fatal flaw is that it is sparse. If you walk into Dunbarton on any given day, there's a high chance that it's empty. Even the most active channel is dim in comparison to what you find in other servers.

For me, transferring to Alexina was about a change of pace, a challenge, and a chance to meet some really great people! I'm hoping I won't be disappointed.

IGN: Plumiette
NOTE: Do friend me, note me, etc! I love chatting.

APRIL 11, 2017 : DAY ONE

I made the very hasty decision to make my account today because I was just so excited to start anew. Granted, it was a little bittersweet leaving behind all of my precious possessions that I've gathered over the years.

However, after making my new character, Plumiette, I was renewed! Plumiette is an elf with a Mage talent. Choosing Mage was a bit of a risk, to be honest, because that talent is renowned for being costly in both AP and repairs. Oh well!

As a side note, I'm looking for a social guild that is willing to do dungeon/SM runs and that doesn't discriminate against newbies. Bonus points if you actively host mini events!

The main issue I found from the very start was that, to put it simply, I missed my pets. I have 30+ pets on the Mari server. And, yes, I use every single one of them on the reg.

The second thing I missed: my beloved clothes. God, I'm such a Fashionogi, it's painful. I made some brutal mistakes over the years in the pursuit of fashion. But, it is what it is. I can cope with my Newbie Wear Type A (for now!)

The money piece hasn't hit me quite yet. I'm a fairly frugal individual, as it happens, so I don't think this will be noticed until I get into the thick of things.

As I proceeded through the beginner quests, I realized the fatal flaw in my plan: I wouldn't be able to summon any pets for Dilys.
I created my Eagle and Horse on the Mari server, so when I went to complete that quest, I was informed that I would need to summon a pet (via whistle, they suggested). That meant that I was at a stand still. I relented, eventually, and doled out a solid $12 so that I could complete the beginner quest line. That's really ridiculous, in my opinion.

But, I digress.

As I looked through the channels, I noticed something astounding: there was a FULL channel. Like, what? I haven't seen one of those on Mari in ages.

Admittedly, restarting all of the generations isn't something I'm necessarily looking forward to. As much as I enjoy doing quests, I can already tell that the back and forth with my Flying Carpet is going to get old fast.

Let's keep this short and sweet and wrap it up here. Thank you for listening to my rambles~

  • If you are a guild that is actively recruiting, please feel free to leave your information below or send me a note (again, Plumiette).
  • If you're also new or if you're just interested in gaining a friend, feel free to add me or note me!
  • I am currently seeking as much help as I can get navigating around Alexina and completing these quests. If you can offer your services, send me a note or leave a message here so that everyone can know!
  • Please feel free to post with your own experiences, any offers, etc. And if you're also new, I'd love to create some kind of support group (again, I'm the champion of lame ideas) of newbies so that we can all confer and help one another.


  • CynicalxCynicalx
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    Posts: 7
    Heyo, you still playing?
  • LiyetaLiyeta
    Mabinogi Rep: 5,790
    Posts: 755
    Pffft XD
    This person is interesting.
    I will add you later
  • SevariuxSevariux
    Mabinogi Rep: 310
    Posts: 2
    Hey there. Not sure if this is a bit late but I hope you're still playing! I've been playing this game for a while now but I gave it a break as most of my friends left unfortunately. So first of all I'd love to hang out some time and help you out in Mabi! Also, kudos for the idea of a journal! I think it's a sweet idea, I'd happily read it.
    As for the idea of a support group, I think that's a frickin' awesome idea! I used to be in a guild where we all liked to dedicate our time to helping the newer players so I'd wager on saying I have a bit of experience with that.
    Anyways, I hope you enjoy your time here on Alexina, the people here are great. Do feel free to send me a friend request or leave me a note at 'Sevariux' (Prays he got that right) if I don't get to sending you one. That also applies to anyone else looking for someone to run through this game with or anyone in need of a hand.
  • RikashiRikashi
    Mabinogi Rep: 840
    Posts: 17
    edited April 30, 2017
    I love the idea of the journal thing, I'll be adding and noting you soon. IGN: Rinmoto

    EDIT: I forgot, Welcome to Alexina! xD
  • TarkethTarketh
    Mabinogi Rep: 620
    Posts: 12
    Aritus (semi-retired but tarketh logs into it daily).

    Obadiah (this is the character tarketh is using to try and break the 3rd person rp habbit. Long story short; new main but tarketh doesnt speak in third person on it. Or tries not to).

    Please feel free to add ^~^ also your journal is an amazing idea!!
  • MultikevMultikev
    Mabinogi Rep: 570
    Posts: 13
    Hi I just came back a few weeks ago but I made an elf and while I love elf char I really am bad at playing them :(. So I made a human IGN: Robomaster if you would like to add me. I'm also trying to form a guild if your interested in helping make it or joining. I would like to make a guild that helps others in and out of the guild anyone that needs help with anything that is fair to both people would apply. Like don't spend all your money buying them expensive gear but if you can make armor or can afford some beginner gear for a new player then that would be ok. Also helping out with quest, sm, dungeons is also good and can be helpful since not everyone will have money to help buy things. Maybe give out prizes for helping people every week or two weeks based on a point system. Not sure yet still working on things but helping is a big part of the guild I would like to make. I would also like to have a guild where everyone is happy and friendly. But since I'm still low level I have an alt char that can make money for the guild and help get things started plus he is higher lvl just not a combat char. Sorry for writing so much I always get talkative when writing about something I'm passionate about and helping people is always my goal no matter what game I play.
  • AkayoAkayo
    Mabinogi Rep: 410
    Posts: 4
    Feel free to hit me up in game too if you like!(Akayo) I'm friendly and also shy :p But love making new friends!
  • EgnigemEgnigem
    Mabinogi Rep: 320
    Post: 1
    Hi, I'm a new player and in need of the same things you listed, add me if you like xd.

    IGN: Alreg

    As a side note, a few days ago I walked into the bank at Dunbarton and someone gave me some weapons, I did'nt really check this person's name, but he/she gave me a "Blessed Fanatic Greatsword" and an "Expert Stigmata Knuckle". Yesterday at Tir Chonaill someone notice my sword and told me that it's a somewhat rare sword, so... thank you whoever you are xd!
    Mabinogi Rep: 710
    Posts: 28
    Add me
    IGN: Dexameni
    Server: Alexina
  • CWhitCWhit
    Mabinogi Rep: 310
    Posts: 8
    If you're still looking for friends you can always add me

    IGN: Whitaker
  • SpkrSpkr
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,095
    Posts: 41
    Welcome to Alexina! I hope you are having all of the fun :D

    If you would like, my guild Cavalry is recruiting and we have a Discord too! If you've already found a guild by now though, just throw me an add anyway xP I wouldn't mind helping you out, I've got over 70 pets, so even if it's just toting you around, it's fine lol xP

    btw, I think it's nice that you want to make the journal! We need more people who are actually interested in playing the game for fun again, and not just for the stats, gears, or clothes. I'll happily help you out with anything like that :D I've got a few stories to tell about funny things as well, lol. Anyway, see you in game ^_^

    IGN: Kitta
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