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Chronic "Servers cannot be reached" issue

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edited December 17, 2016 in Technical Support
I've had this issue for a while. Mabinogi will work perfectly fine for days, weeks sometimes, and then all of a sudden it just stops working. It gives me the "Server Cannot Be Reached" message on the log in screen. Here's some info about my setup:

I'm using university wifi, it's stable and I have a great connection
My computer can play any game, any quality (so performance is no issue at all)
My PC is using a wifi card made by ASUS, connected through usb 3.0
The issue will usually solve itself after a solid 4 hours of not touching the game.
I have never had issues with my firewall before so I don't think it's that.
I have tried restarting my computer
I have tried restarting my internet connections
I have tried un-installing and re-installing the game
I have tried launching from the website, steam, directly from the game files
I am not using a VPN, Proxy, or any other internet modifiers

The game worked less than 30 minutes ago, there is no maintenance while I am trying to log in. I was logged in, and I tried to switch to my mule account like I've done dozens of times and I haven't been able to log in since. Any suggestions?


  • HardmuscleHardmuscle
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    edited December 17, 2016
    Have you tried performing a winsock reset?

    While online (not in-game), open an Administrator: Command Prompt, type the below command, press enter, and then reboot your computer.

    netsh winsock reset
  • PoxiePoxie
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    edited December 17, 2016
    Hello noldyb, it appears the issue you're experiencing has to do with your university wifi sometimes if the internet is too busy the bandwidth is limited and signal for wifi is weaken which could be causing you to disconnect. It around finals time so I'm guessing a lot of people are using the internet at your university which could be causing the heavy internet traffic.

    If you plan on playing Mabinogi, I would recommend connecting your computer with an ethernet cord to your university internet connection if possible to avoid this from happening again.
  • noldybnoldyb
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    @Harmuscle I gave that a shot and unfortunately it didn't work.
    @Poxie That's what I thought at first too, but the thing is, it almost always happens when I log off of one character. I realized just a little bit ago that the game will freeze mid-log-off and I will have to force close it. Upon restart the issue occurs. Bandwidth is not an issue right now especially because nobody is on campus except for me.

    Does anyone else have suggestions?
  • KttyKtty
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    edited December 17, 2016
    Mabi has problems when it comes to wifi. Especially usb wifi dongles. In particular it has problems with the drivers for them (the companies write horrible glitchy drivers for them). I would suggest trying different versions of the driver for that particular dongle. Usually the original driver that comes with them tends to work better than the updated newest ones (but not always). I have dealt with several wifi dongles (specifically their drivers) and problems with mabi over the years.

    Also as a possibility if your using a windows supplied driver try an official driver and vice/versa if using an official one.
  • noldybnoldyb
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    It worked itself out for the time being, but when it inevitable happens again, I'll try fiddling with the drivers for the card. Thanks for the suggestion @Ktty
  • TsumukuTsumuku
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    @noldyb When the issue comes along again, try Berkeley Netalyzr, it may reveal the source of your problem to be a flaky path to the servers, or the result of Quality of Service rules that your University has. Can't entirely rule out it being a bad wireless driver, or the even larger plague of large wi-fi networks entailing issues with wireless time sharing. Too keep it short, that guy that has his phone on the edge of the wireless signal, connected to the same wireless band as you, can be to blame for your consistent disconnects on wireless.

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