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Hey thinking about coming back~

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in Mari Chat
Hey, hows mari doing nowadays? Is better off just starting on Alexina or is Mari still pretty lively? I have 8 year old character on Mari.


  • AquasolAquasol
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    Member, Volunteer Forum Moderator
    edited April 28, 2017
    Stay on Mari! ;~;

    But yeah things seem to be pretty good, ch2 is always noisy, as well as some of the others from what I've seen at times.
  • MommaAsterMommaAster
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    Active, hell I even saw some doing commerce. I was fighting bears South of Dunby once, upping my skills and a wagon came through, ran into a bandit...

    In a bear-infested area. (I jumped in to help, of course, but that was one hell of location to get jumped on.)
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