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~Aze's Ultimate Commerce Guide!~ [WIP]

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edited December 17, 2016 in Game Guides
I'm going to try to add a section to this guide whenever I can until it is complete.
For now, I request that others don't add too much in the comments. Let me finish the guide, and then we'll figure out if I have missed anything. Part 1: Choosing your Transportation

When transporting goods, any Milletian with common sense would understand that it is probably a bad idea to carry these fragile goods in their hands. So, how does one solve this? By shoving the goods in bags and making them bump around through the bumpy roads of Uladh, of course!
There are 4 main types of transportation used in Commerce, ranging from just carrying the goods in a Backpack to being able to ride on an Elegant Elephant.

Before we begin looking at each type of Transportation, there are a few pieces of terminology you should be aware of.
Storage/Slots: Each method of transportation has so many slots available to store goods. Each type of trade good has a maximum amount of them you can fit into one slot.
Weight Capacity: Each trade good also has its own weight. If the total weight of all of your trade goods reaches the method of transportation's Weight Capacity, you can not carry any more goods.
Speed: When transporting goods, each method of transportation has their own speed at which the Milletian moves while transporting. For the sake of this guide, percentages are in relation to the standard Movement Speed of Humans.
Cost: This is the price (In Ducats) one needs to pay in order to unlock the method of transportation. This is a one time charge, so you will have unlocked the method of transportation forever afterwards!

The Backpack

Storage: 4 Slots
Weight Limit: 400
Speed: 95%
Cost: 0 Ducats

When first entering into the world of Commerce, you aren't going to be able to afford a special method of transportation, so you are going to have to start off by just putting the trade goods in your trusty ol' Backpack.
Q. Why would just carrying my goods on foot help? Wouldn't it just slow me down?
A. Exactly! When you're on the road with goods, there's a chance that pesky Bandits are going to be looking to steal them from you. The benefit to the backpack is that you move 5% slower while you're carrying it, so you will be able to more efficiently take measures to avoid being detected by Bandits! As they say, slow and steady saves your life.

The Handcart

Storage: 6 Slots
Weight Limit: 800
Speed: 100%
Cost: 3,000 Ducats

So you've made some Ducats, and you've purchased your first Handcart! Great! Upon doing this, you unlock the [b]Commerce Mastery[/b] skill. In addition to moving slightly faster than carrying the Backpack, you are also able to carry twice the weight as the Backpack, and there are two more slots available!

The Wagon

Storage: 8 Slots
Weight Limit: 900
Speed: 188%
Cost: 100,000 Ducats

Sick of being on your feet transporting all your goods? Getting tired of spending 5 minutes just to get through Tara? Want to make a quick few Ducats? Well, the Wagon might just be right for you! It is by far the fastest method of transportation. The only drawback to the Wagon is that its quick Speed makes it difficult to prepare for an ambush of Bandits.

Alpaca Wagon

Storage: 10 Slots
Weight Limit: 1100
Speed: 188%
Cost: 0 Ducats (Must have purchased Wagon)

Do you by any chance have the Alpaca pet? Then you're in luck, because it has the ability to function as a method of transportation for Commerce! It functions exactly the same as the Wagon, but it can carry two extra slots worth of goods, or 200 units of weight more than the Wagon.

Pack Elephant

Storage: 7 Slots
Weight Limit: 1700
Speed: 137%
Cost: 350,000 Ducats

Are your Horses or Alpacas getting tired of carrying the heavy goods? Why not parade across Uladh on an Elephant then? While somewhat slower than the Wagon, the Pack Elephant can take on a considerably larger amount of weight. In addition, the fact that it moves slower than the Wagon reduces the risk of being ambushed by Bandits along the way! That being said, it is quite expensive, but definitely a worthwhile investment.

Commerce Partners

If you happen to have a Commerce Partner, they can be used to provide extra benefits while trading! If you summon your Commerce Partner before you begin to trade, you will gain 1 extra Slot and the ability to transport 100 units of weight more than before! They're incredibly helpful, and they can provide you company while on the road.



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    Ugh, I'm gonna have to edit this for the new forum CSS. I'll do it later.
  • rainLOVErainLOVE
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    xD haha! just preview your post next time.
    thank you for the guide!
  • MizumieMizumie
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    Nice guide so far! I left you an "Insightful" ~

    If you want any help with some future sections, I'd be happy to offer a helping hand. I've been commercing.. ever since I made this account a few years ago xD
    You can note or add Mizumie [Tarlach] if you need to.

    Can't wait to see how it turns out when you're finished, we need more people commercing!