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Festia times

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in Tarlach Chat
I just came back from hiatus (again for like the 30th time now) and I wanted to try out the mini-games but there's no one around. What's a good time to check out Festia on Tarlach?


  • TairikuTairiku
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    edited May 9, 2017
    With the exception of treasure hunt, people more often than not just go there with there alts and burn through their tickets then leave. It's pretty deserted when the weekend treasure hunt isn't happening. I mean best bet is maybe get a friend or a friendly stranger/associate to do it when you both are free.
  • AmewaAmewa
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    edited May 10, 2017
    Ah see I've been too much of an off and on player to really have in game friends. I start playing and get really into the game again but then by the time the semester comes back around I'm too caught up with that.
  • DanievictriaDanievictria
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    Crystal Defender and Clobbermeister are good games to play solo. Clobbermeister is also a really good way to test combos out and Crystal Defender is a nice way to rack up some quick cash and exp. (just go in with r1 Windmill, r5 Song, Battlefield Overture, and plenty of potions [Great Mood from the landmark optional] and spin to win until your inevitable knockout. ^_^

    It's pretty sad that most of the games are multi-player only, though. I wish they'd at least program in single player modes with AI opponents for those. Otherwise, most of the park is basically unplayable.
  • LeiliciaLeilicia
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    I've been looking for someone to do Festia with me, specifically the hammer game. My friend's don't even wanna play and Tarlach is usually just so dead I can't find a stranger.