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Quitting Events

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edited May 18, 2017 in Mari Chat
So it has finally come down to it,usually I would just let my account go inactive,but I feel like I have a lot of gold on my hands that makes me come back to check out the shops because of the gachas that keep coming out.
I am going to give way what I have left to those who still play,but in a form of a event.

-Find my character(IGN:-Yummei)-
=I always hang out in either Dunbarton or Belvast
=The first 2 people to find where I am at those 2 locations can get 1mil gold each.

=What year did I started playing Mabinogi?(Hint:- 2nd Anniversary Title)
=What was the last guild I joined?(Hint:- Starts with a H)
=The first 2 people to answer both these questions correctly get 1mil gold each.

=So post a recent screenshot of your character in their best outfit=
=After a day I`ll pick the most creative and unique one of the bunch and they will get 1mil gold.

=Can only win 1 event
=Can not get help from friends for the "Find my Character"
=Can not use alts
=Be nice and dont be rude >.>
=Overall have fun.

Event Start Times:-
=Questionnaire & Fashionogi:- 11:30am EST(So now)
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