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Eluvish's Art Shop (PP + Gold)

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*Revives my old 2017 thread because why not*

IGN: Syphel /Elypsi (Nao)

Contact Info:
Discord - Eluvish#1285 (preferred)
DeviantArt - Eluvish
ToyHouse - Eluvish
Email -

We can also communicate here on forums, but my response rate will be slower.

I take PayPal and gold, 1 USD = 1m gold. Split payment accepted when rounded to the dollar.
+1 character on same piece of art = x2 price
Complex designs (intricate detailing or many small parts) = +50% price

Commission Sheet (other examples included below)

Bust [transparent or simple color/pattern background]
(approx. chest/shoulders up)
$15 / 15m
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Simple Halfbody [transparent or simple color/pattern background]
(approx. waist to thigh up)
$30 / 30m
Example 1
Example 2

Simple Fullbody [transparent or simple color/pattern background]
$40 / 40m
Example 1
Example 2

Chibi [transparent or simple color/pattern background]
(completed with a simplified version of my coloring)
$25/ 25m

Will not/cannot draw:
- Gore
- Mecha
- Explicit content / NSFW
- Fetish art
- Anthro/furry & animal

- Armors & weapons (may cost more)
- More than 2 characters on 1 art
- Elders & Children
- Complex Halfbody (will cost case-to-case & I will only accept if I have full confidence I can draw it)
Example 1
Example 2

Anything else--- feel free to ask.


Commission Type:
Character Reference:
Descriptions & Misc References: (expression, pose, personality, etc. you want me to consider)
Payment: gold or PP (please include PayPal address as I will invoice you)
Anything Else:

- Commissions for personal use only.
- Payment in advance.
- You must have at least 1 visual (not written-only) reference.
- Will not accept requests to change the base drawing after you've approved the sketch/once I have started lineart
- Unless you tell me otherwise, I'll be posting your completed commission on my social medias.
- I reserve the right to decline a commission if I am uncomfortable with it or if I do not think I can complete it satisfactorily.