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R> Sympathy Guild

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edited July 2, 2017 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Sympathy guild is opening its door to everyone !
You want a new family ? Just a bunch to hang with ? You're at the right place. -wink wink-
Every member is important and we would like YOU to join us!

Newbie to pros, doesn't matter, just come and have fun with us.
We have a lot of good members ready to help out and answer your questions.
We are still a tiny guild but we're trying to grow strong and organize more events for its members ! Quality over quantity, amirite?

Please contact Caisea (guild leader) or Ecinore (officer) [ by noting, or adding ] for more infos or reply to this post.
Orrr you can just apply directly to the guild from the Guild List.

We have a discord server but if you do not use discord, don't fret, we can still have fun. ;^)
Add me on discord if you wish to go that way ; [★ choice#4798] (exactly the same, with the symbol)