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Patch Notes - July 6th, 2017

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Have you ever wondered what gets fixed during maintenance? Have you ever worried that bugs don't get fixed? Now you can see everything that gets changed during our maintenances with patch notes! Patch Notes will be released monthly to list all of the updates that have been made. Check out what was changed!

The following Events and Sales have started:

Erinn Beauty Box
Hairstyle Storage Coupon

The following content has been added:

Grandmaster Renewal

The following items have had typos fixed in their descriptions:
  • Celtic Druid Staff
  • Core’s Felt Hat
  • Pinstripe Slippers
  • Star Ride Shoes (M) & (F)
  • Tropical Beach Sandals (F)
  • Roncadora
  • Druid Boots
  • Silver Teany Gloves
  • Traditional Korean Outfit (F)
  • Millia’s Shoes
  • Panache Head Protector
  • Reactive Enchant
  • Squire Recruitment Scroll
  • Gold Play Page
  • Transformations
    • Nun
    • Ghast
    • Desert Warrior Ghost
    • Desert Ghost Fanatic

The following items have had their descriptions changed:
  • “The Returned” title
  • Ace Doll Bags
    • Treasure Hunter Doll Bag
    • Professor J Doll Bag
    • Culinary Artist Doll Bag
  • Bag Coupons
    • devCAT Bag (10x10) Coupon
    • devCAT Bag (8x8) Coupon
    • devCAT Bag (7x7) Coupon
    • Illyasviel Bag Coupon
    • Rin Tohsaka Bag Coupon
    • Archer Bag Coupon
    • Saber Bag Coupon
    • Broken Heart Bag Coupon
    • Unbroken Heart Bag Coupon
    • Football Item Bag Coupon
  • Bandit Shoes
  • Crunchyroll Balloon
  • Dustin Silver Knight Vambrace
  • Floral Fairy Shoes (F)
  • Flying Puppet Orb
  • Description for the skill “Hail Storm” at Rank 9 and Rank 5
  • Training Method for the skill “Hail Storm”
  • Training Method for the skill “Healing”
  • Training Method for the skill “Grapple Shot”
  • Laertes’ Sword
  • Minimap Help Description
  • Name/Chat Color Change Potion (Event)
  • Roasted Chicken Wings
  • Wiggin’ Out Prize Box
  • devCAT Bag (8x8)
  • Holy Grail War Veteran Title Coupon
  • Black Fomor Scroll

The following User Interface (UI) issues have been fixed:
  • Artisan Upgrade Removal Kit UI
  • Auction Bulletin Board UI
  • Tailoring UI for Daby Scots Plaid Wear for Women
  • Trade Unlock Potion UI
  • Alban Training Knights UI

The following messages have been changed:
  • Text when hovering over the drop down menu for “Select Race” button in the pet creator screen
  • Message that appears when attempting to withdraw an item from the Bank that you can only carry one of
  • Path Reset message on the Minimap
  • Ethna’s message when receiving a gift
  • Leaving A Party while in a Shadow Mission error message
  • Message after trading in Bandit Badges

The following dialogue typos have been fixed:
  • A Favor or Lorna – Pan’s dialogue
  • NPC Angus’s dialogue
  • Basics of Battle – Tin’s dialogue
  • G19 Lofty Goal – Altam’s dialogue
  • G19 The Search – Talvish’s dialogue
  • G19 This Late Hour – Lassar’s dialogue
  • G19 The Clue – Kristell’s dialogue
  • G2 Esras’s Plot – Price’s Dialogue
  • G2 Good Deeds – Galvin’s dialogue
  • G2 Good Deeds – Aranwen’s dialogue
  • NPC Blatt – Selling Crops dialogue
  • NPC Sinead – Secret Missions dialogue
  • The Secret Letter Box – Dilys’s dialogue
  • NPC Berched – Spirit Weapon Transfer dialogue
  • Earn Thunder Skillbook – Manus’s dialogue
  • G2 Blessing of Spirit – Tarlach dialogue

The following quest descriptions have been fixed:
  • 250 Monster Transformation quest
  • Earn Thunder Skillbook quest
  • Gather Thank You Notes quest
  • Grow the Orange Mushroom quest
  • Help the Baltane Squires! quest
  • Rena the Helpful quest

The following items have been translated from Korean to English:
  • Filia’s Well
  • Stamina is too low message when using Shadow Cloak
  • Tailoring UI and Patterns for:
    • Traveler Outfit (F)
    • Traveler Outfit (M)
    • Traveler Boots

The following graphical issues have been fixed:
  • Map Quality – Throne Room
  • Map Quality – Witch’s Cave