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Grandmaster Renewal

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edited July 6, 2017 in Vault
With the July 6th update, we're introducing the new Grandmaster System Renewal to give you new unique bonuses and grandmaster missions! We've also made a few changes to the Grandmaster limits, so check out all of the details below!

Grandmaster Renewal

Renewal Details
  • It's now possible to obtain multiple Grandmasters.
  • Bonus Stats for Grandmaster does stack with other Grandmaster Talents,but the Unique Effect does not.
    - Stat bonuses do not go over the current stat cap of 1500.
  • Activate or change the desired Talent for it's Unique Effect via the Talent Tab, but it requires AP to change.
  • New Journal entries for Grandmasters.
    - Achieve Grandmaster for the first time.
    - Achieve 5 Grandmaster Talents.
    - Achieve 10 Grandmaster Talents.
    - Achieve 15 Grandmaster Talents.
  • You can only achieve one Grandmaster talent per day, resetting at 7 AM PDT.
  • To become a Grandmaster, you need 20 Talent Seals of your respective Active Talent, and a Gold Grandmaster Certificate, purchasable through Lezarro for 1,000,000 gold.
  • Obtain 3 Grandmaster missions a day, plus receive additional missions by paying 300,000 gold to get to your Grandmaster goals quicker
    - Limited to 20 missions per day.
  • Anyone with a current Grandmaster will keep it, but the different effects will be applied.
  • If you perform an All Skill Reset, any Grandmaster talents obtained will be achieved again when you rank up your skills again.

Check out the additional missions added to the post for the respective talent:


  • HimochiHimochi
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    I have a question about this update - primarily, I have an example of myself as a GM Merchant, and my wife as a GM Bard:

    Merchant stat boosts were:
    Master Merchant: 30 Health, 15 Will, 15 Luck
    GM Merchant: 30 Health, 25 Will, 40 Luck

    Merchant stat boosts are now:
    GM Merchant, 30 Health, 25 Will, 40 Luck
    Active: +100 commerce Weight and +1 Slot


    Bard stat boosts were:
    Master Bard: 15 HP, 15 STR, 30 Buff Duration
    GM Bard: 15 HP, 15 STR, 50 Buff Duration, 5% Buff Effect

    Bard stat boosts are now:
    GM Bard: 15 HP, 15 STR, 30 Buff Duration
    Active: 60 Buff Duration, 5% Buff Effect


    If I comprehend this correctly, I have lost nothing for simply possessing GM Merchant, and gain MORE if I activate it. But my wife now has no better stats as GM than she did previously as Master, and only gets the 5% she had previously (although she DOES get 10 more Duration than before), IF it's active? The balance seems skewed here. Stats were taken away from one but not the other?
  • GaeaGaea
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    edited July 8, 2017
    Can we have a rebirth event please?