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Erinn Beauty Box

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The Erinn Beauty Box is back with new contents: fifteen new Hairstyles, seven new Eye styles and nine new mouths possible, as well as the wide slate of appearance item that came before as well. Check out all the changes below!


Erinn Beauty Box Renewed
Sale Dates: Thursday, July 6 - Wednesday, July. 26


Erinn Beauty Box Details


When you open up an Erinn Beauty Box you will receive 3 items randomly! The three items are:
  • A Random Appearance Item
  • A Random Eye Beauty Coupon
  • A Random Mouth or Face Beauty Coupon

New Appearance Items in the Erinn Beauty Box

New Hair Coupons:
  • Retro Waves Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Fringed Bob Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Spiral-tip Twin Tails Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Afternoon Tea Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Winter Queen Argenta Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Festia Merchant Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Brilluen Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Enchanted Bride Hair Beauty Coupon (F)
  • Sideswept Pompadour Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Soft Blowy Waves Beauty Coupon (M)
  • King of Death Mortello Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Afternoon Tea Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Samba Festival Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Bright Student Hair Beauty Coupon (M)
  • Patissier Hair Beauty Coupon (M)

New Eye Coupons:
  • Smokey Eyes Beauty Coupon
  • Succubus Fiend Eyes Beauty Coupon
  • Starry Eyes Beauty Coupon
  • Guarded Eyes Beauty Coupon
  • Daydreaming Eyes Beauty Coupon
  • Trustful Eyes Beauty Coupon
  • Darling Eyes Beauty Coupon

New Mouth Coupons:
  • Smug Mouth Beauty Coupon
  • Gleeful Kitten Mouth Beauty Coupon
  • Tight-lipped Mouth Beauty Coupon
  • Vampire Mouth Beauty Coupon
  • Rosy Lips Beauty Coupon
  • Wine-red Lips Beauty Coupon
  • Strawberry Lips Beauty Coupon
  • Teeny Mouth Beauty Coupon
  • Cordial Smile Beauty Coupon

Check out more here: http://mabinogi.nexon.net/News/Announcements/1/00J5N#


  • GaeaGaea
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    edited July 8, 2017
  • FarseerarentaFarseerarenta
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    Posts: 76
    ok i don't want to seem petty. i'm just honestly curious

    has anyone gotten a long wavy hair coupon?
    i've used more boxes than i care to post here, and asked the 3 people on ruairi who have been party posting to buy one since this gancha came out. and so far, none of them have seen any people offering to sell...or anyone with the hairstyle.

    how rare is it? has anyone gotten one yet?

    ditto for witner queen argenta.

    oh and P.S. can we please get a better way to store all these....face/mouth/eye coupons. the "more boxes than i care to post here" i opened....is causign some problems for stuffign them all in my pets inventory. to such an extent i have 3 favorite tabs, Mouth, Eye, Face respectively. all of which have pets in them....and still struggling a bit (thats with them stacked btw)
  • RisaokoRisaoko
    Mabinogi Rep: 400
    Posts: 6
    Sadly, I can't have this blonde long hair ;(
  • Mabifan321Mabifan321
    Mabinogi Rep: 250
    Posts: 9
    You know...people would spend more NX if you guaranteed them the item. Greedy as hell and this is how you lose players. FAIL.
  • catninja88catninja88
    Mabinogi Rep: 410
    Posts: 20
    saygo, did they remove hagi hair coupon from the new box?