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Alala's Buy and Sell lists :3 Updated buys :D

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edited September 21, 2017 in Tarlach Marketplace

Non idle females
Waffle witch set with hat wig, I love lorna, furghus and caravan joe tee's, Traditional wedding dress, Cross Empire set, Flame rider set (f) with enhancement, zorro outfit, Sky dragon wear, Star rider suit, romantic autmnal dress, elegant lamellar armour, dark knight armour,witch-in-training set. Traditional Plateau Tribal costume set

Idle females
Royal Academy formal uniform, winter princess set, Asuna SAO set, Police officer uniform, Flight attendant set, Miku set, Kusina's Cor costume set, After school uniform, New semester uniform, Andras wear, queen of hearts set, perriot clothes-hat, battle school uniform, macarron mistress set, Lady Waffle cone

Non idle males:
Elegant lamellar amour, romantic autumnal suit, I Love lorna, furghus and caravan joe tee's Desert Soldier Camo Pants (M), Gothic style light armor, Tresure hunter field wear, Culinary Artist outfit, Gamyu wizard set, bat jacket, karis wizard suit, trinity set, Primitive fox amour, Dragon scale armour, dustin silver knight, Leminia's holy moon armour, dragon scale armour, tara infantry Giant, gothic basic suit, mario NY modern vintage assemble, shylocks costume, altams armour, casual elementary uniform set,

Idle males:
Elite student uni with shoes, Police officer uniform, Pilot outfit set, Summer school uni (giant m), New semester school uni, kousai cor set. ukon set, nutcracker set, police officer set,

Other outfit bits:
Caswyn wig f, droopy dog ears, pink bean headset, romeo wig f, cross empire wig f, averlin wig, tanuki ear wig, cat ear headband. dragonscale helm (multigender), lynmark choir shoes, Tiger ear headband, Illusion headpiece M, Urban wig M, kitsune headband, Bone marine boots Edmuned Urban wig F, Urban wig F,Edmuned Urban wig M, Devil horns M, Count Cookie wig. Plus more, just ask if your looking for something not so rare, may have it :D
Azure Butterfly wings, Sapphire Cupid wings. Sky Glass wings, Amber Twinkling butterfly wings. Steel blue hummingbird wings, Scarlet humming bird wings Turquise and mint cutiefly wings

A Link to a spreed sheet with all the coupons and quantities on it

Its just easier to keep track of it that way.


Blue to white phoenix egg dyes, both the metal and non metal versions. 400k and 500k
cherry blossom trees and snowflake flurries
Cobweb pouches 300k each
Frostblossom Dress
Any winter coat styled clothing!
Devil Tail
Fancy horns and wing headband

Note me in game: Alalarose or post here <3