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Fashion contest!

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in Alexina Chat
welcome to the podium!
I'm isaxh and some of you might recognize me from afking in belvast, or not.
I thought it would be a fun idea to host a fashion contest with different sort of rules and awards of course.
Just to let everyone know, the more expensive your outfit is or less expensive does not matter. All is appreciated. My guild outbreak is helping me host this once its taking place!
The fashion contest does not have any specific theme or colour scheme to follow.
However unserious contestans with for example little or no clothing will be disqualified from the contest.
Details can do alot to your outfit, so weapons, bags etc. are allowed.
If your outfit happen to look so much better with a specific hairstyle from the dressing room but you cant have/use it on the podium,
please let me know with a screenshot of your outfit with the dressing room hairstyle before the show.
How to
Plan your outfit well, since only 1 is allowed during the show. The show will take part during July 19th at 6pm Eastern Time, 3pm Pacific Time in Tara ch2.
Depending on how many contestans that will participate in the contest 2-3 parties will be made and you will walk for me.
The walk on the podium will be done 2 times and after winners will be announced.
1. 10 million gold
2. 5 million gold
3. 2.5 mil
***The competition will take place on wednesday July 19th at 6pm Eastern Time, 3pm Pacific Time***
for questions pm me!


  • TakukaiTakukai
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    Bumping! Hopefully I can make it! Goodluck to all
  • GretaGreta
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    Too bad it's night time for me when it happens :'(
  • ZeoZeo
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    Posts: 420
    This sound pretty fun! I'll see if I can pop in over tomorrow!