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Royal Alchemists Of Mari!

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edited December 21, 2016 in Mari Chat
I know that the need for RA's are not as much anymore but I still figured it would be nice to make this thread for those who still need RA Help for generations. Especially got the younger and new generation of players. This helps because I know sometimes players have those party signs up for a few hours and get no response, so they can just come to this thread and see who the RA of Mari's are and they can directly contact them. Please be kind and respectful to the RA's who are willing to help you for free. Also To the RA's please be the same way and have patience. Remember a newer player might need a bit more time to understand things. Many Thank you!! Easy format to follow, I shall start off.

IGN: Fayekaiba
Timezone: EST
Method of Contacting: I prefer adds and notes. Please do not whisper me because I miss whispers and don't check them. Adds > Notes > Whispers (If REALLY NEEDED)
Active hours: I am generally around all the time. Currently not working and not in school so most of my free time has me around alot. There is a good chance however I will not be active during the hours of 3am-10am EST.

I do not accept payment, RA services should always be free. However we all have lives so if I miss your request for help, Please do not be rude when I apologize. A simple "It's alright" will do and if I help you, a simple "Thank you" is all that is needed

Sometimes on a friday night between the hours of 10pmEST -> 2am EST I might not always respond because that is when my guild hosts their events. You can STILL request for my help and I will do my best to help but just keep in mind please.

I have an Alexina character that I play on. So if for some reason you can't get a respond out of me on Mari, you may contact me on Alexina (You can note/add people even if they are in other servers.) and request me to help you on Mari. I don't mind at all. IGN on Alexina is Windwanderer