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This is anger.

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edited December 23, 2016 in General Chat
This is going to piss me off forever.

RIP OCD Just let me master it

Edit: idk why images aren't working for me: http://prnt.sc/dnbbct


  • MissFortuneMissFortune
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    Some features on the forums are currently disabled.
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    yeah that'd bother me too.

    I'm totally waiting for the day they let us master skills like that. >:T
  • SherriSherri
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    /know the feel of that bro
    /One day we may be able to
  • BlissfulkillBlissfulkill
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    edited December 24, 2016
    Stay calm, compose yourself.
  • CrimsCrims
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    I wonder how long it will be until we can post images again.
  • KttyKtty
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    @Gaea considering it's the Christmas holiday, I'm sure it will be at least a little while before they get the forums back to normal. Hopefully we don't have anymore inconsiderate people mess with things and cause problems after it's fixed too.
  • CrimsCrims
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    @Ktty There were good things and bad things about the old forums. Mostly just the refreshing and duplicate posts, but other than that - we didn't have to worry about people abusing certain features because they were not available. I guess that's why it took them a long time to implement these new forums all the other communities had...and even then we were not ready.

    In Oneletter we trust!
  • ShaeliShaeli
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    Seriously, how hard is it to come up with one more book? Or is the in-game book system another unfathomable black box that nobody on devCat's current staff knows how to work with?