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Patch Notes - August 3rd 2017

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It's that time again for our Monthly Patch Notes. Check out what was changed!


The following Events and Sales have started:

Midsummer Box
Mission Point Event
Master Plan Event
Reforge Time Weekend - Coming Soon

The following content has been added:

Repair Renewal
Giant Overhaul

The following items have had typos fixed in their descriptions:
  • Pass to the Hidden Mine
  • All New Compression Coupons
  • All New Upgrade Coupons
  • Complete Skill EXP Potion (1 hour)

The following items have had their descriptions changed:
  • Moonlight Hammer Ferghus Doll Bag

The following messages have been changed:
  • Text when using a skill training seal on a Rank 1 skill

The following dialogue typos have been fixed:
  • Intro to Gun Training: Ranged Attack Skills – Tin’s dialogue
  • Checking Royal Alchemist Points – Sinead’s dialogue
  • Eliminating the Dark Knight Armor - Tarlach’s dialogue
  • Creating a Guild Robe with not enough Gold - Eavan’s dialogue

The following quest descriptions have been fixed:
  • [Tailoring] Grandmaster Mission

The following items have been translated from Korean to English:
  • Shop Tab for Granites

The following graphical issues have been fixed:
  • Pose - Double Sunbed

The following UI issues have been fixed:
  • - Tailoring UI failing to recognize Thin Thread Ball Pouches.
  • When transferring gold from your house, the messaging has been condensed to prevent text overlap.
  • Feeding Spirit Weapon UI will not include priced items in personal shop anymore.