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R> ⭐ Heavensward ⭐

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edited August 3, 2017 in Guild and Party Recruitment

Heavensward is currently recruiting!
We currently do not cater towards lower-level players at the moment due to various reasons that will be explained later on in this post.

As a guild, our foundation is built upon unifying players of various backgrounds, personalities, talents both Mabi-related and real-life related,and exciting memories to be made together. As a unit, we care about uplifting each other when time's get hard or when frustration arises while grinding to get skills ranked or obtaining a rare, but valuable item, to be able to contribute during raids.

We are a group of active people who love to socialize both online and offline. Everyone has fair game in our guild and you are who you want to be. No matter what, we accept you with open arms.

We do various tasks together such as:
Raids: Elites, Hard-mode advanced dungeons, Memento runs.
Phantasm run: Both Mirror and Regular
(To lower-level players: You can still apply! Join at your own risk though because many currently focus on higher level dungeons. If this motivates you to work hard to be able to participate, then cool!)

We also have individuals who mastered skills such as Tailoring, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, and more! So if you ever needed help creating an item or want to increase success rate during creation, we got you covered!

We also have a small loan system and a material storage! However, abuse of these systems will not be tolerated.

Our guild stone is located next to the Dunbarton Moon Gate and those that tend to afk, gather here.

Please, feel free to PM/Message me or my officer on Discord or Mabinogi if interested!

We look forward to seeing you!

~Jazzana & Alekvic
Laurie#5877/ alekvic#6534


  • KuranekanameKuranekaname
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    Hello, my IGN is Kuranekaname and while I have a guild already I was wondering if you'd be interested in having an extra hand for some of the harder dungeon runs. While I am still working on my ability to do phantasm I can be of assistance in abyss and elite runs. If you're interested, you can either reply to this comment, or add me on discord: bloodlust50#4016