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B/S List

Mabinogi Rep: 400
Posts: 19
edited 12:41AM in Tarlach Marketplace
  • Professor J 2nd Title Coupon - nmp
  • Command Seals of Rin Tohsaka/Shirou Emiya - nmp

  • Black Angel Wings - 20m b/o, c/o 12m
  • William Glasses - 7.5m b/o
  • Chillin' Urban Cap - 2m b/o
  • Chillin' Urban Outfit (F) - 4m b/o
  • Chillin' Urban Boots (F) - 500k b/o
  • Rebirth Potion - 1.5m each
  • Ladeca Blue Upgrade Stone of Protection - 12.5m b/o
  • Homestead Cherry Blossom Tree - 500k each

Note Liadrin in game or message me here. No price is final, so feel free to note me offers if interested :)